The Warmasters’ Crusade – Imperium Checkpoint 3


And the dreaded Checkpoint 3 arrived, that in which the Warmasters had to justify that they have progressed at least 500 points in their painting challenge. Let’s start by reviewing what has become of the Imperium boys:

Imperium Checkpoint 3

Quick summary chart of the story so far:

As you can see, Checkpoint 3 has been ruthless with most of the Warmasters. In a single stroke we lost half of the Imperium guys. But before we start crying for such an unfortunate perspective, let’s see one by one what has happened to those who are still fighting on.

Santi – Custodes

Santi is one of the few Warmasters that met the deadline. Let’s take a look at his Custodes army and what he has to tell us about them:

After two months painting slowly, now I started to paint faster because the color scheme was well defined.

I spent quite some time with Trajan Valoris to make it look good as it is one of the central elements of the army. In the end I am very happy with the result. After a long time correcting, I managed to get the eagle and the coat to the desired tone.

Then I had to correct something about the tone of the lights of the armour because at first they were more gray and then I made them a bit more blue. I think that in the end it looks pretty good.

Now that the colour scheme is clear, it’s time to ride on and start painting the jet bikes, such cool miniatures that I’m looking forward to start! =)

PS: I feel that the quality of the photos is not the best, but right now I do not have a professional camera and I have not been able to take them in the best conditions.

Winterland – Space Wolves

Winter has been leading from the beginning the progress of the Imperium. Now at Checkpoint 3, he does not disappoint and meets the expectations. Here we have his first 500 points:

Not bad at all, we will see if he will be able to keep up the rhythm and reach the end. Judging from experience we know that the last 3 months are quite tough, and even more when most of your colleagues could not make it with you!

Phobos – Space Wolves

Phobos follows a fixed gear, disconnected from the world but painting without pause. And it’s good, because if he lived more closely the day by day of the rest of the Warmasters, maybe he would not have passed this important Checkpoint.

Looks like his own struggle against Finecast took a turn on his favour. What will the second half of the campaign look like for Phobos?

Volomir – Kriegs / Astartes

Fighting against wind and tide, the Kriegs of Volomir remain in the struggle to reach the end, despite the fact that no matter how much they ask for reinforcements, it seems that they do not arrive. The passing of this Checkpoint 3 looks a little weak to us judging by the pics, but let’s wait for him to tell us the whole story.

It seems that I do not learn from these army painting campaigns and again I am suffering what already happened to me with Age of Sigmar. I find it hard to paint at a tabletop level because I always think that minis lacks painting level and in the end I end up getting bogged down with a lot of work and I can’t finish things on time.

In this Checkpoint I have played the wildcard of the work in series: I am painting all the figures of the army in this way, so I do not have anything finished but overall you could say that I have 500 points already (in the pictures there are about 700 points). With this I make sure that I continue in the fight but at this rate I do not know if I will reach the end as they are many models and I like them too much to leave them half-done.

I will possibly finish off the list with a few tanks that are quick to paint and thus concentrate as much time as possible to finish with the best quality that can give them. I had the idea of adding in Space Marines that were going to be super cool in the story but judging the progress of the campaign it may not be the most sensible thing to do. We’ll see if I have time!

Nor – Imperial Knights

Nor’s campaign gradually faded away. The painting 5 knights at once seemed like a simple mission on paper, but in the end it was taking lots of time more than expected. He did not think they were going to be so hard to assemble, prime and prepare so in the end, real world commitments and the hardness of life have left him out of the game.

Now the question arises: Nor is essnetial for the proper development of the campaign (much of the delay in publishing these updates comes from how difficult it has been for Nor to update the graphics), will we make it to the end without him? Will be help us in the shadows?

Armando – Black Templars / Custodes / Ministorum

Armando has not managed to overcome the challenge at this half of campaign. His progress reported in recent weeks was not flattering, until in the end he was forced to give up. Real life is full of tasks and obligations so he unfortunately has to leave early.

The warriors of Khorne celebrate it everywhere! (in the Age of Sigmar at least).

Javi – Blood Angels

“Blacksmith to your horseshoes”! Or was it “shoemaker to your shoes”? Be that as it may, the fall from grace of the Blood Angels of Javi does not catch us by surprise due to the terrible development of his campaign. But honestly, we expected more from the great Javi, who in the Age of Sigmar managed to finish all the painting in a single month.

This time it could not happen. Next time we may invite his gardener to the campaign. Some say that Javi used to pay him to paint his miniatures…

Porta – Dark Angels

Porta is possibly the biggest disappointment of the entire campaign. He forced everyone to delay the beginning of the Crusade so he could join the adventure and finally, although he started with strength in the first few days, he disappeared shortly afterwards without even leaving a trace.

A pity because we know he would have done a great job if he had taken it more seriously. But we all know that the Crusades are only for the strongest and you have to throw in something more than just a lot of will at the beginning!

And thus ends the disappointing review of the state of the ranks of the Imperium, absolutely decimated after the passage of Checkpoint 3. What may have happened to their nemesis now? Stay tuned, soon the Enemies will report in!

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