50 Miniatures and Releases to ‘Do not Miss’ from 2016


The year 2016 has left us a lot of great pieces, miniatures, sculptures and paintings that are absolutely remarkable. This is a list of 50 miniatures and releases from 2016 to ‘Do Not Miss’. Taken from our weekly collection of marvels we have seen in the last 52 weeks.

Top world class sculpting and painting based on the famous character from Blizzard.

Beauty made miniature, directly from Greece. Best of Show many times in 2016.

Jason showed the painting of the face in this bust quite some time ago, and it was absolutely mind blowing. Now we can see the full piece, and it really is something else. What a paintjob!!!

Amazing collaboration between Joaquín Palacios and Marc Masclans for Terrible Kids Stuff.

Marc Masclans’ extraordinary version of Capitán Garfio, explained in detail in the exclusive article here in volomir.com.

There is something very especial about Lan’s miniature painting, and his last figure is proof of it. Extraordinary craftmanship, contrast and use of non metallic in his first large scale miniature!

The latest creation by Lucas Pina for the company Black Crow Miniatures is this amazing Goblin Shaman bust.

This is Lan’s entry in this year’s Golden Demon, in UK, which won gold in Monster 40k. In our opinion, this entry was one of the candidates for the Slayersword thanks to the amazing work, contrast and fierceness of the red.

Extraordinary interpretation of Ben Komets of the three witches sculpted by Lucas Pina. The idea behind is: “their colors are faded- but their magic is still strong”. Therefore you get three primary desaturated colours for the witches, with a cauldron full of magic colour. Brilliant!

This giant pachyderm is sculpted by Allan Carrasco and the box art painted by Sergio Calvo.

Roman is flying with colours lately and this is great proof of what he is capable of when he is in the mood.

Terrible Kids Stuff has just teased us with this incredible sculpture by Andrea Jula on the very well known artwork by Brom. Remember the Magic: The Gathering card?

Lucas Pina strikes back with this dynamic bust in his very own personal style, a new treat he has been working on the past few months.

Lucas Pina and Ben Komets team up on this great bust based on the concept art by Felideus Bubastis.

Emuse’s very fine painting technique works wonders on this sculpture by Joaquín Palacios for Terrible Kids Stuff. This is the official boxart!

This amazing painting from Pepa is the official boxart for the Pedro Fernández Works release. Truly worth looking from all the angles!

Jen creates this piece by converting a bust from YS Masterpieces, and its inspired by Asian tales of fox spirits in human guise. Gold in MSS 2016!

Tue’s Walking Library was probably the moral winner of Monte San Savino 2016. An outstanding piece filled with creativity and originality.

Second release of Kimera Models, painted masterfully by the Art Director of the new project, Francesco Farabi.

What happens when you put together the art of Karl Kopinski, Joaquín Palacios and Marc Masclans? An amazing collaboration based on Paolo Parente’s Dust franchise for Terrible Kids Stuff.

Jun-Sik Ahn sculpts wonderfully this bust, depicting a very famous character from the Game of Thrones series. The resemblance is uncanny!

Great start to this very promising new line from FeR Miniatures, a collaboration between Pedro Fernández and Pepa Saavedra.

Banshee has painted one of the latest releases of Pegaso Models, this Roman Soldier in 90mm, quite an impressive exercise of textures he has achieved on a classic historical piece.

More sculptures from Joaquin Palacios for Black Sun miniatures. What a collaboration! We want them all!

I have no words to describe Kirill’s work on this one. Let me just invite you to take a closer look to the plastic bag on the chest. And everything else of course. Wow.

We are in love with the concept and execution of this bust. Roman Van den Bogaert and Ben Komets work together for this release from Black Sun Miniatures.

Luis did an outstanding job on this Anakin Skywalker, it really feels like a true lightsaber with that painting!

Joaquin Palacios does not rest! Another new incredible creation from the Spanish sculptor for Black Sun Miniatures.

Kirill is the true master of textures. He has just updated his Putty and Paint account showing all of his last works, and they are all out of this world.

The quality of Kirill Kanaev’s textures and painting is completely unrivaled in our little miniature world.

What a wonderful sculpture of this sapper by Jun-Sik Ahn for Nuts Planet.

Box art by Kirill Kanaev of this French Grenadier bust for the korean company Young Miniatures. Another superb masterclass of realism, texture and painting.

Raúl Latorre is back to work on the legendary Latorre Models, the historical minis company that bears his name. The newest figure after years of waiting is this one, where you can clearly see why Latorre is one of the best in our miniature world.

Romain never runs out of wonders to present us. It’s amazing the capacity he has to capture expressions on his creations.

This box art by our colleague Marc Masclans is a very powerful version of this bust from Hera Models sculpted by Raul G. Latorre.

Incredible giant sculpted by Romain for Black Sun. A great addition to anyone’s 35mm army, or maybe just a showcase figure? You decide!

Arkaitz has been working on this huge piece for very long time now and we could finally see it finished in Monte San Savino.

Some great names of the Italian community are collaborating with Pegaso to create a new miniature line. This new endeavour has been called Kimera, and this is the new release, Dumah the Lord of Bones. This version is painted by Robert Carlsson.

It’s incredible what Raffa has pulled out in this otherwise kind of uninteresting bust. The work speaks for itself!

Multipart kits are always a great joy for modellers everywhere. This kit from FeR Miniatures is going to be a great hit thanks to this, modelled by Oriol Quin. What a great idea to bring multipart kits to bigger sizes!

Romain’s very personal style fits perfectly on this wonderful interpretation of Don Quixote, this time as a new release from Nuts Planet.

Final three Space Marines to join the team, and the project is completed!

The light and shadow effect in this Papa Jambo is amazingly well executed. We saw this bust at Fallen Angel 2016 and it was one of the best in the contest without a doubt!

John has been working for quite a while on this Black Sailors diorama. The result is absolutely amazing!

And this is the version of Dumah from Kimera Models painted by Ben Komets.

Great miniature and idea by Roman Gruba. Miniatures can be a great canvas for poetry sometimes.

This is one of the things I love the most from Roman’s art. His ability to tell stories and change a setting with paint. With great creativity and painting, he transformed the orc from Hera Models into a Strigoi. No putty involved!

Diego is always experimenting with new ideas, this time he used transparent resin to simulate a teleportation is this miniature from Terrible Kids Stuff.

Another barbarian release from Joaquin Palacios painted by Sergio Calvo, this one also for the catalogue of the company Black Sun.

Sculpted by Yury Serebryakov, the Korean company never ceases to amaze us. Wonderful quality busts in every release, and this is not an exception!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


    • Truly awesome each and every one of them. And many many more also that we haven’t included here!
      Happy new year Luke! 🙂


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