A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 2 Order Alliance updates


The first Alliance to report their points this time is Alliance: Order. They deserve it very much after turning around their progress from the previous month!

Alliance Order Checkpoint 2

Let’s see what each Warlord has to say, in order of points achievement:


Good ol’ Mariano has worked very hard to achieve his duty this month. So much, that he has done even more points that what the needed to do for this Checkpoint. His love for all things ‘Old School’ has lead him to punish everyone in the campaign with daily progress pictures of a very old Treeman model. As we have said plenty of times before, it’s better that you make your own opinion about it.

The forest is not like the others
We do not just own it.
It resists.
We must corrupt it.
Strange sounds.
We must corrupt it.
Strange lights.
We must corrupt it.
Odd smells.
We must corrupt it.
MMMMMM!! Known odors, smell of elves.
My stomach roars.
Spittle falls and slides down my fur.
My muscles are shaken by the excitement
We must corrupt it.
I must warn the pack, I must show them the way.
We must corrupt it.
We must corrupt it.
Something covers the sun…


To be fair, Mariano has done a great job with those leaves that basically cover the infamous tree. It was certainly uglier before!

On the other hand, Mariano continues his fixation on the ‘Old School’ line, so his roster suffers no changes.


Gryndal is that kind of Warlord that always does his homework. Nothing more, nothing less. The classic teacher’s pet who studies everyday and has the time to go on vacation with his work done…

Basically he left no testimony of his progress and we had to rescue some photos of his dwarves this month from a Whatsapp group.

If only he has spent a bit of time of his holidays to dedicate a few words to the audience. Anyway…

Next month we foresee him passing the dreaded cut for the second phase of the campaign. But we hope he clarifies further his list of 1,000 points!


Between Primaris and Primaris, Mitico is capable to take some time to paint his pirate dwardin (and just a bit of time is all he needs to make more progress than many).


Let’s see some of the miniatures in which Mitico has worked on, getting close to the end of Checkpoint 2 in the campaign:

Truly it has taken me a lot to get started with the campaign. The release of the new edition of 40k and some lack of motivation were key on this! However, now I feel inspired with the Kharadrons and I am building up tons of lists that have given me the mojo back.
Honestly, I believe these miniatures are not up to the standard of these 12 giants of the paintbrush. Even though I am not a bad painter myself, I usually paint armies and tabletop, so I lose quality in favour of quantity and speed. Therefore, my virtues are great for a gamer, I like to have all my armies painted.

In the pictures you can see the Arkanaut I painted as a test and everything I painted the last few days before the Checkpoint, the two characters and the frigate. Even though there is still much work to do, it is close to being completed, this makes me very optimistic to pass the first cut. I’m sorry to disappoint all of those who where betting on my downfall!

I will soon start to paint the Arkanaut company and the Ironclad, a truly remarkable miniature, you’ll see!

And thus ends the time Mitico had for the Kharadrons. He is back now in his cave painting Primaris. He doesn’t need any more time than that!

Mitico’s speed painting skills makes him one of our favourites to go on to the next round, even though his current progress is not that impressive. We’ll see!


The Aelfs are proud creatures. They like to be always very well dressed and painted elegantly. This means they won’t settle for just tabletop, that’s not like them. But of course, Volomir is suffering the time that it takes the Aelfs to prepare for a night out…

The Reavers are models that I really like from the High Elf army. Probably you’ve seen the ones I painted already a few years ago. I proposed myself to paint them exactly the same following the article I wrote back then.

Honestly, following your own instructions makes things very easy, but it is a bit slow to paint so many riders in the same way. They are very detailed models and painting serially is not the most fun thing to do. The main problem here is that I do not want to take any shortcut because I want them to be at a similar level as those I already painted before. I think I will have to push myself harder for this third month, but I still believe in my chances!

With the time that I have available, I had to change the roster to something more realistic paintwise. This new list has many units that I haven’t painted before (with the exception of the Reavers of course), so this hopefully will motivate me for the coming months.

So it will be, Volomir changes his list, and now this is the plan for him:

With the time he is taking to paint these aelfs, Volomir is a big question mark for the next Checkpoint. Will he make it past the terrible Checkpoint 3?

Mr. X

Mr. X is that Warlord who was cool before.

This month he had to spend his time in very secretive tasks, not much related to the campaign. Therefore, he writes down a giant zero on his progress list, and leaves everything as is.

Will Mr. X be cooler next month? For his sake we hope he is, or he will be eliminated and we will miss the remainder of his great chicken riders!


The other Lord of Kharadron has left aside the rest of his multiple jobs related to the worlds of Magic, Pokémon and Infinity, and he rewards us with some shy progress, promising a final sprint in the last week to comply with Checkpoint 3.

Already in the second checkpoint? Shit… there’s a lot to do! OK, it’s about time I started to paint, enough of giving some advantage to the rest!

I decided to begin with the basic troops, for now I have non of the dwarves finished to 100% because I am painting them serially and making progress on them all at the same time. There already 7 of them that are looking good so far. The other 3 as you can see, only have a metallic base that I applied with just a couple of airbrush layers before moving on to paint the rest, there are many metallic parts and it’s a great way to gain time.

For the 500 points of the next Checkpoint I have to finish these 10 dwarves and paint the 2 heroes that remain on their boxes… I think I can do it, don’t you think?

#easy #teamOrder

To be true, they look quite cool. And the list is still the same as in the beginning.

Despite not having making some clear progress before, Paloji is a safe asset when it comes to painting tabletop. We put our bets on him too to complete the next round. Will he live up to our expectations?

This is all from Alliance: Order in the second Checkpoint. Next month will be a very tough one for them, those who do not comply with the 500 points mark will be disqualified!

Tomorrow, more progress from the next alliance, here in A Tale of 12+1 Warlords.

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  1. Love the treeman! Putting grass/bushes onto the model itself really brings it to life. Also, big props to Rafael for not cutting any corners on the reavers and painting just like the old ones. His High Elf army will be a spectacle to behold!


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