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Nocturna Models has spent the last few weeks running a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter. The initiative consists of raising funds to produce a series of 35mm and 75mm figures about adventurers set in a classic fantasy setting (barbarians, warrios, wizards, dwarves…). In the project, traditional sculpting techniques are mixed with new production methods with digital sculpting. For this campaign, they have the pleasure of collaborating with great names; from the sculpting scene professionals like Juan Díaz, Farhad Nojumi, Caleb Nebzen y Ali Jalali; from the painting scene, names like Ben Komets, Javier González ‘Arsies’, Marc Masclans, Óscar Rodriguez and Jesús Martín. Jesús himself is the director of the project, as well as the leader of Nocturna Models. The project managed to raise the minimum amount necessary to be funded and is now advancing quite well with just a few days left to close.


The miniature which we present today is an exclusive of what we will be able to see thanks to this campaign. This is the wizard Andvare, in its 35mm version. We’ve had access to one of the ‘sample’ copies, that we are now going to explore in detail.



The character of Andvare is presented in the KS campaign in two versions, one in 75mm and another in 35mm. Since the sculpture is done digitally, production offers the easy possibility of having completely different sizes. More and more companies are using this possibility, since with the cost of one sculpture we can have as many different sizes as we want, with as many 3D prints as they want. The quality of the sculpture is the same in the end, and with a good printing, there is barely any detail lost.

The version we can see painted now is the big brother, the 75mm version, done by our colleague Marc Masclans.


The 35mm Andvare is presented to us in a hard plastic blister. Inside we can see all the pieces that conform the figure, wrapped in a plastic bag hermetically sealed.


We do not see any picture or card showing the boxart work, but this is because in this case, we are reviewing a ‘sample’ version. The final version of the product that will be sent to KS backers will have the corresponding card.


The material is a high quality resin, we hardly see any mould lines. There are a lot of pieces in this kit, the assembly looks quite complex as they are all very detailed and thin. This does indeed say a lot about the quality of the sculpture. Building the miniature will not be easy, even though all parts fit perfectly well between them. The boxart photo will help us greatly to know exactly where to put each part.


Comparing the 35mm version with the one presented in the boxart, in 75mm, we see that the reduction in size does not result in a reduction in detail.

nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-05 nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-06

The quality of the sculpture is notable. Observing the piece as a whole one can appreciate the complexity and beauty of the volumes. The detail in the flying rocks is very well thought in the design of the miniature and works perfectly to obtain the movement feeling that goes with the clothing. Pure wonder.


The miniature offers a very dynamic pose that will be a delight for the most demanding painters. The character will work perfectly with a painting based on OSL effects (Oriented Source Lighting) as complicated as anyone wants to make it. Clothing is an essential part of the miniature, which can be great for texture work and contrast/colour games. Wrinkles in the clothing are complex, as they have to be to enhance the sensation of movement. Possibly a challenge that not everyone will be up to, but an airbrush will be very helpful for those who just want some quick results.

nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-12 nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-11 nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-10 nocturna-models-andvare-thequest-35mm-wizard-09

The miniature can be assembled with a different arm for an alternate version, so you can have the staff or an open hand.


The miniature looks amazing even without any paint on it, one of those you want to have in your cabinet no matter what.


This is a very cool miniature, high quality, that offers a complex set of pieces that demand a careful assembly. A figure for exquisite painters and collectors, for ambitious artists and fans of good old fantasy. One of those pieces many will have but never dare to paint scared of the amazing detail quality.


  • The most obvious points for this miniature are sculpture and pose design: idea, volumes, dynamics, those flying rocks… it’s wonderful!
  • Great quality of the material, scarce mould lines visible, cleaning barely required.


  • Complex assembly and delicate building mandatory. It’s a miniature so delicate and fine that has parts that will be broken easily. This is no job for beginners!
  • Right now the miniature is only available through contribution to the crowdfunding campaign, so it will take a while to get to your hands. The campaign ends very soon, before this weekend!

You can find all about the campaign The Quest in Kickstarter, where you are still on time to contribute if you want to get the first available copies. Also, you can find Nocturna Models on their facebook page and on their website.

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Poses and expressions
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