Do Not Miss 2018 Week 49


Amazing second version of this bust from Alternity Miniatures.

The classic essential photoprocess after a Spira Mirabilis release.

Very brave use of contrast to reprent lighting in this bust from Mirico.

Sculpted by Pedro Fernández, painted by Marc Masclans.

Iván’s version of this model sculpted by Pedro Fernández.

Sculpted by Valentin Zak, concept by Nicolas Amoroso.

Interesting use of textures and nuances in this pirate bust.

Fun and entertaining article with lots of ideas on how to take advantage of the toothpick in your modelling adventures.

Clever use of a limited palette on this miniature from Kimera Models.

Concept by Stefano Moroni, sculpted by Andrew Loktionov and painted by Aleksandra Cvetanovski.

We love the inspiration that comes from all the great kitbashing ideas in Le Kouzes blog.

Really cool painting of this orruk’s skin.

Very nice version of Nagash the Necromancer from Games Workshop.

This bust will start Gautier’s solo adventure in Graphigaut studio.

It’s always educational to learn about water pouring adventures of fellow modellers. Such a difficult leaking risk process requires all the preparation one can muster.

Super cool use of lighting effects to represent an explosion.

A boxart painted for Micromancer miniatures.

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