Do Not Miss 2019 Week 10


The legendary Warmaster returns, designed by Seb Perbet and painted by Aidan Daly.

The incredible process of sculpting this original artwork based on a concept art by Pedro Núñez about the series The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Impressive OSL effect on this model from Pedro Fernández Works.

A 75mm boxart painted for Himini.

Follow along while Roman paints this bust from Romain Van den Bogaert.

Really delicate mini scene of a buffalo in the water.

Bust sculpted for Tartar Miniatures.

Learn from Daniele how to evolve an idea into a fully grown scratchbuilt model.

Javier is painting a Mortarion from GW and he is thoroughly documenting the process.

Johann explains how he paints the lettered parchment rolls of a Black Templars banner, in the Chestnut Ink blog.

Really cool paintjob on this Nurgle infected Geller Pox team from Games Workshop.

Some interesting thoughts about the quality of the paints we use, in the Massive Voodoo blog.

Interesting effects of fire lighting in this Rogal Dorn.

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