Do Not Miss 2019 Week 14


Incredible depiction of Wonchun Choi’s art of Ulrik into a 75mm model, a truly amazing piece that won the second best of show at Crystal Brush.

The sculpture of Ulrik in 75mm, based on the concept art by Wonchun Choi.

Lan’s creation for Crystal Brush 2019 is this diorama filled with details, using a copy of Lilith from Nocturna Models.

Proper photos for Lan’s amazing version of the Vampire bust from Karol Rudyk Art.

Double lighthing extremely contrasted in the bust from Pedro Fernández.

Really nice version of a model from Robot Rocket Miniatures.

Subtle work on this gold NMM in a Custodes Space Marine from Games Workshop.

Sculpted by ZabaLukas.

Magnificent version of the bust by Jonatan Monerris for FeR Miniatures.

The painted version of the bust sculpted digitally also by Sang-Eon Lee.

A alternate version of the boxart for this model from Neko Galaxy.

Sculpted by Adiyta Chauhan, painted by Michal Pisarski “Lan”.

This might be just a test to try out the new Nocturna Models paint range, but it turns out to be a great tutorial on how to paint the skin of this female bust.

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