Do Not Miss 2016 Week 48


Jen creates this piece by converting a bust from YS Masterpieces, and its inspired by Asian tales of fox spirits in human guise. Gold in MSS 2016!

Raffa never ceases to amaze. He just never stops creating small wonders from start to finish (not so small this time!).

Astonishing painting of a copper NMM. What a technique!

Sculpture by Raul García Latorre, very promising miniature! Can’t wait to see painted versions.

Very nice bust of a dwarf by Raphaël Banguet.

Another awesome miniature by Patrick for Dark Age.

Batman conquers all, as it seems in this incredible creation based on the characters by DC comics.

Torben heavily converts (and practically sculpts from scratch) this inquisitor in 30mm.

The Thousand Sons are back, together with their Primarch Magnus. Really nice range, commanded by Ahriman designed by David Waeslynck.

Nice painting on this Demonette by Dimitry.

Dimitry also showed us the painting of this bust from Scale75 this week.

Very interesting academic bust from Raúl García Latorre for Hera Models. Apparently, it’s a very limited release!

Read Oliver’s thoughts on the making of this box diorama, in

The guys from Eureka Minis show us how to create a simple mud base.

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