Do Not Miss 2017 Week 11


The new faction for Age of Sigmar is a mix between the traditional fantasy dwarves with steampunk technology and flying ships. What’s not to like?

1/9 scale bust, sculpted by Jonatan Monerris and painted by Kirill Kanaev

Second version of this bust from Nuts Planet painted by Kirill Kanaev.

The majestic illustration by Brom, brought to life by Terrible Kids Stuff and painted by Rusto.

This flat figure won Best of Fantasy in Leganés 2017. This set of photographs is very useful to get a insight into the painting process of a flat figure.

A new version of Papa Jambo by Sergio for a private collector.

The coolest of the Black Sailors, as a Fantasy Football 32mm version.

A dwarf bust sculpted by Przemysław Szymczyk for Mr. Lee’s Minis.

Roman’s version of Dumah from Kimera Models for a collector.

Interesting how Mörback prepared the motif for the cape of this harlequin.

We love this extremely condensed step by step photographs from Sergio.

Anthony explains the technique mastered by Ben Komets on this article on his blog.

Oliver paints this beautiful miniature sculpted by Joaquín Palacios for Black Sun miniatures.

David shares his way of glazing and applying tones over flesh in this article in

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