Do Not Miss 2017 Week 28


An alternative box art paintjob for Nocturna Models.

This is just madness. GMM studios usually amazes everyone with incredible armies, but this one is just out of this world.

A heavily textured and desaturated version of the Abyssal Warlord from Scale75.

Enrique’s version of the famous Black Sailor from Big Child Creatives.

The bases that Roman creates are a work of art on their own.

A diorama about the classic tale sculpted by Antonio Leveque and painted by Francesco Farabi.

Sculpted digitally by Joaquín Palacios and painted by Sergio Calvo.

Very smart fan art created by converting a model from Kimera Models.

Nice colour reflections from below on this bust sculpted by Raffaele Picca.

Very cool Dark Eldar on commission from Gareth Nicholas.

The Maroni family are just one of the very cool latest releases by Knightmodels.

A vampire sculpted digitally and painted by Gareth himself.

Make easy and very convincing reinforced concrete.

Graphite could be a great addition to your metallic painting. In the blog

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