Do Not Miss 2017 Week 35


Awesome idea, conversion and paintjob, based on the model Ora by Black Sun, originally sculpted by Joaquín Palacios.

Great interpretation of this amazing art piece by Brom and Terrible Kids Stuff.

A very personal version of Brom’s character sculpted by Andrea Jula for Terrible Kids Stuff.

Sculpted by the master, Sang-Eon Lee.

Great idea that transports us directly to the workbench of Thor.

A new model for Ares Mythologic painted masterfully by our great Marc Masclans

Subtle but amazing realistic paintjob, and part of a charitable project in the NOVA Open. Amazing!

It’s not usual to see female dwarves, and this kit will be a great addition to all of Jonatan’s dwarves in Peter Punk Produktions / FeR Miniatures.

A super cool version of Tesla for Twisted The Game, made in 2014 by the French master.

Very nice contrast between that green light and the purple of the base and details.

Small and cute diorama of a dwarf and his dog, made for Durgin Paint Forge.

Emuse embarks in yet another yearly project, 12 months, 12 super heroes. This is the first one, Jean Grey.

Vision is such an important thing in miniature painting and art, and may times in our hobby this gets lost in the details. Here’s how Roman deals with this important issue.

Matt Dixon’s remarkable artwork comes to life in this project.

Nice and subtle version of Fade by the company Mirico.

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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