The 3 Witches, Spira Mirabilis


In October 2014, Spira Mirabilis surprised the community with the amazing bust called ‘Baba Yaga’. In it we could recreate and paint a cute little witch, in a very Disney like style. Originality and detail that made this miniature a ‘must buy’ for many painters. It had a gear reception, and Lucas Pina, the sculptor and visible head of the company, had a surprise for us all for this year.

After presenting the three sculptures in the X edition of Monte San Savino, where he got a Silver medal for his fantastic job, Spira Mirabilis released the set in a extremely limited run of 113 units. There was no way that I, the writer of this article, would pass up on getting one for himself! Here is what I got.


2016-05-02 00.08.59

Hard cardboard box, small dimensions with a handwritten serial number, closed and wax sealed with the company logo.


2016-05-02 00.11.23

The content fits very tightly in the small box.


2016-05-02 00.16.19

This is the complete content of the box. Aside the three busts, Spira Mirabilis gives us a small illustration of the iconic owls of the piece, and a card with the limited copy number.



As you can see, the three sculptures are full with details. You cannot see any casting lines, only some in minor pieces here and there where we will have to be extremely careful not to damage the sculptures.

2016-05-02 00.17.36 2016-05-02 00.21.47 2016-05-02 00.21.18 2016-05-02 00.21.58 2016-05-02 00.22.17

The expressions in the faces are a delight, enabling a realistic, detailed and careful painting. Pleasant!


2016-05-02 00.24.30 2016-05-02 00.24.14 2016-05-02 00.24.55 2016-05-02 00.30.02 2016-05-02 00.26.24 2016-05-02 00.26.47 2016-05-02 00.26.58 2016-05-02 00.29.12 2016-05-02 00.30.59 2016-05-02 00.30.36

One of the strong points of the sculptures are the expressions and the differences in their physiognomy.


2016-05-02 00.32.27 2016-05-02 00.32.57 2016-05-02 00.33.16 2016-05-02 00.33.38 2016-05-02 00.34.11 2016-05-02 00.34.25 2016-05-02 00.35.32 2016-05-02 00.35.14

2016-05-02 00.34.52 2016-05-02 00.35.54

As a complement of the three bust, we have a cauldron and a very cute sleepy owl. These are spare parts if you want to treat them separately, but they let us build a scene with the three busts and give cohesion to the scene.

2016-05-02 00.36.11 2016-05-02 00.37.35 2016-05-02 00.37.54

It’s a reference that every good collector would like to have. The quality of the pieces is not typical for this kind of sculpture.

PROS: Practically everything. Quality and originality comes first.
CONS: There’s little versatility. Not a lot of options for amateurs to surprise with a different version.

Currently, except in the second hand market, it is not possible to get yourselves one of these. You can follow Lucas Pina’s work on his facebook page: “Spira Mirabilis

Sculpting detail
Poses and expressions
Pieces and assembly
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  1. Dayumn. I really want to paint these and I was too slow. If you guys know anyone who want to get rid of his, I take them. Pay good money. I must paint them one day, got that vision, baby! Thanks for the nice review. It made my heart blead 😀 … I also would accept comission to paint them!

  2. Thank you for the comment Roman 😀
    I hope you can find teh witches in the second hand market, you version will be awesome for sure… good luck m8!!


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