A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 6 Destruction Alliance updates


Oh my god! Look at what the Destruction guys have been up to! Can’t believe my eyes!

Alliance Destruction Checkpoint 6


Clever Mommel has spent the last Checkpoint swearing privately that he would not finish, not by any chance. It seems like it has been a very well thought strategy to demotivate the rest while he was finishing his minis in the dark.

Well played Mommel! A true strategy genius that gifts us the amazing view of his great Ironjawz warband.

Extraordinary! Take a look at the rest of his gallery, not too many photos, but not too shabby either!

And obviously, Mommel was not going to leave us without the final chapter in the great story of his Orruks!

When Chez Ramzi entered Baksi’s camp, a great stir followed. The three big trolls, along with other trolls who had joined on their return trip, captivated by the idea of ​​being able to kill a few humans and by the picturesque orc that headed them, went straight to the tent of the Great Master Chief, Baksi. The trolls still doubted the strength of the orcs, especially that of Baksi, whom they had heard of from the brainless shaman.

Baksi was sitting on a large seat made of dented and broken armours so that they were more or less comfortable; next to him there was a picturesque being, with runes and chaotic marks, almost as wide as high, which was not much. Upon seeing them enter, Baksi’s reaction, which the trolls awaited, at least, for astonishment, was to raise an eyebrow, or at least the place where the brow should have been… Ramzi’s high voice broke the silence of the tent.

Wonderful and magnificent Baksi! I am a fish!

A deep sigh of exhaustion came from Big Boss Baksi, as he shook his head and rested his forehead on his hand in a dejected tone.

What are you sayin’? What are these beings you bring? They stink!

Huh? Who? – Ramzi looked at his staff -, oh yes… itz true, the big fishes… cough! They are fishes Boss.

WE ARE NOT FISHES! – the annoying roar of the troll startled Ramzi, who tinkled his beads and tiny bones as if it were an instrument.

Oh, no? What are you then?

We are trolls!

Oh! They are trollz Boss. To kill humanz.

Mmm…. we are delighted to be part of your gang if we can kill humanz, but what is that you have by your side?

A Chaos dwarf. They attacked us a few days ago, they thought we would not have time to finish our painted magic armours… and they were wrong. Now we used them for Baksiar. Feel free to go around the camp, talk to Mizmel Azkel for armours.

With a curt nod, the trolls withdrew.

We will need more orcz Chez; we have seen other dwarfs without runes, hordez of Chaoz, elvez with leaves in heads, very ugly… they are all going to help kill humanz too, but Great Boss Master has to win!

Uhm…. don’t worry. Before I left I prepared especial gear that I left here training strong in Ramzi Fitnez, let me go get ’em

Ramzi went out and went to a large tent  with a foul odor coming out of it and there were constant grunting and clanging. Inside were a multitude of huge orcs, bulging muscles, lifting heavy armor, some of them with Chaos dwarves inside. With each movement, his veins swelled until they almost burst and his grunts and cheers filled the tent.

Fantastic boyz! The time has come for us to prepare for the Great Chief Mazter Baksi.  Come on! Take ’em, take ’em! You’re not big ‘nough yet!

Ramzi started distributing coloured potions to everyone, which he called Lacazitoz. Without questions, they began to drink their contents and continued to lift their heavy objects. Some began to sweat viciously and, at times, to become even bigger. What was once an orc stronger than normal, was now taller, bigger and more brutal than before. Ramzi’s shrill laugh echoed between the grunts and metallic rattles.

Yezzzzz! Lacazitoz work, work, work! Now everyone go see the Boss, and you, I have boars waiting for riderz!

The Great Chief Master Baksi was very happy with what Ramzi brought him. Those huge, brute orcs would be perfect, and at last they had used those gluttonous boars that Ramzi had created that day. Undoubtedly, all this would help the great final battle to be fought at the gates of the Human Capital, where it seemed that everyone was fighting for the honour of looting and killing their occupants, except for the elves and dwarves of course who had allied with them to prevent the carnage.

Two days later the hordes of Grand Master Master Baksi were gathered in front of the imposing fortress. An imposing orange and green force ready to fight their final battle. However, the Dwarves of Gryndal Ironfist, Mariabi of the Tronki forest, the chaotic forces of Saru the Dark were gathered there … no doubt the situation became difficult for Baksi, who would have to put an end to the chaotic forces and then assault a fortress in which there were 3 armies to defend it. He decided to attack first the chaotic forces of Saru the Dark, who were already heading towards him and his forces. Their orcs were nervous, and even Chez Ramzi himself seemed worried, since, although of course they would end the chaotic ones, they would undoubtedly suffer casualties and did not know if they could take the last fortress. However, Baksi was very calm, smiling, and drumming his fingers on his great war axe. The wind blew softly and lifted dry leaves between the two armies, so close together that one could see their faces, their teeth and their wild looks. At the horn, chaos launched itself into the charge. Baksi kept his hand up, his anxious orcs waiting for his signal. With a gesture towards Ramzi, he did what, without explanation, Baksi had ordered him: he threw a string of multicolored rays at the sky, which filled with surrealism a scene that seemed bloody and terrible.

The ground rumbled under the feet of the chaos hordes, who were less than 100 meters from Baksi, when suddenly a horn resounded on the chaotic flank. From the gentle slope of the hill emerged hundreds, thousands! A myriad of black-armored orcs, with a large waving banner that read “Big Boss Nork.” They charged frantically against the unprotected chaotic flank, which, surprised, stopped the charge and prepared to face the surprise. Suddenly, camouflaged in the bushes, a lot of goblins emerged from nowhere and began to throw nets on the surprised chaotic, who saw how they received the immobilized charge. The lord of the chaos Saru appeared there, decimating the troops of the Great Chief Nork, but then a roar in the air anticipated the arrival of his leader, who landed with his great Winged Wyrm without worrying if what he crushed were friends or enemies.

Baksi then sent his burly orcs in boar against the repositioned flank of chaos, decimating them. Then they loaded their hard boys, with Orrako Pavarrokki singing their exploits while they opened a terrible gap in the faltering rows of chaos. With the balance clearly tilted in his favor, Baksi redirected his forces towards the fortress. It seemed crazy to assault it with the divided army, for the walls were thick and many orcs would be lost before they could pass. The elves, dwarves and humans gathered there waited confidently protected by the walls. Baksi stepped forward and raised his axe, emitting a thunderous roar. The defenders smiled: before they reached the wall they would have killed half, and that stupid orc would know. However, a thunderous roar echoed in the distance, a terrifying roar that no one expected. The ground rumbled as if a thousand trolls charged in unison, but what appeared was not trolls, but an enormous ogre that seemed small when seen on a giant mammoth. And behind him, many more, frightening ogres, charged mad against the walls, brandishing huge weapons, as big or more than the elves themselves, made of metal and the wood of their own forests.

Baksi could hear the jingle of elven lances as he trembled with fear as the Mammoth went through the wall like a wooden palisade. The Ogre Chief Berak Goreeater crushed the defenders with his mount as if they were ants. However, Tronki, the great tree, threw himself at him in an equal fight and the tough dwarves of Gryndal Ironfist slowed down the initial ogre impetus. It was, then, the moment of truth, and Baksi launched into the charge followed by his toughest troops, the elite of the elite. A rain of arrows received them before arriving, but Ramzi unleashed a series of magical rays of colors that caused the arrows to be deflected, most of them far from their targets. They came to the breach made by the ogres and they entered in droves, like an irrepressible tide that destroyed everything in its path. Baksi, the Great Master Chief, hit humans with elves, elves with dwarves, dwarves with humans … and every other possible combination. Although it was a tough fight, they finally emerged victorious and the resistance was crushed: the great and surprising Alliance of Destruction had triumphed over the others. The Great Master Chief Baksi, the Great Chief Nork and the Despot Ogre Berak Goreeater, had put an end to hundreds of years of Order. It was agreed that, thanks to Baksi’s great strategic maneuver, he would now become the Magnificent and Illustrious Great Master Chief.

Appendices of the Tale of the Illustrious and Grand Master Baksi and the Battle of Vololand.

What a nice background story bringing the Warlords all together! And such a cunning move by Mommel! He has done everything he needed to do to win! Get his rivals off his back, paint to a great standard, great background story… what else!

Yes, I can certify the quality of his play. Well done.

Will he finally succeed and become the best Warlord of the Tale?


Good ol’ Norberto is exhausted with so many goblin. But he made it!

Congrats Nor!

Tremendous job that looks incredible as a whole. Amazing!

In truth he has a great warband, with a bit of everything. Another great candidate to represent Destruction in the final showdown. Things are heating up!

Did someone bet against Nor? You were wrong!


And here’s where things get fun. In an unexpected turn of events, Berek completes the challenge!

He finished painting his Ogors!


Wait a minute…

Let’s take a look at that again.

Oh boy, that slightly tilted angle definitely sheds more light. ¬¬

Ok, let’s take a look at the details then.

Oh, yes I see it much more clearly now.

Let me get my glasses.

Berek just trolled us!

Wait, aren’t the trolls part of Mommel’s and Nor’s rosters?

Ok then, ¿’Rick-Trolled’?

Let’s leave it as ‘Berek-trolled’.

Much better, definitely.

Berek shocks everyone with his ‘finished’ Ogor warband!

Hey, nobody said that everything had to be painted to the last detail, nor anything about finger paints.

That’s true. Minipoint for the voice-over.

At least he finished.

That’s a good one.


And the most painful news for the fans of the Tale of 12+1…
Lucas is out!

The gifted kid, the putty genius… he left us with our mouths watering!

Let’s see what puny excuse he comes up with:


Well, that’s it. I just wanted to apologize. When I commit to do something I like to fulfill, but in this case many things (too many) have arised that have made it impossible for me to finish the campaign. 🙁

I want to use this opportunity to congratulate my colleagues, those who have finished and those who have not, because it has been a fantastic experience.

Although out of the official challenge, I promise to finish this army, so instead of saying goodbye, I’ll say until very soon!


Hey, the guy has even apologized and all. Such an educated fella, how much ‘savoir faire’… even in failure, he is unique! And he leaves us with some sneak peeks of what could have been and wasn’t!

He says he will finish the band with more time… we would love that! It’s so awesome!

Did Mommel’s strategy have something to do with Lucas’ downfall?

Let’s not forget about all those wet panties that were sent to our offices after showing his band in Checkpoint 3.

He should just run a limited edition of those, he’ll probably sell out!

That’s the end of the journey for the guys in Destruction. Amazing job by Mommel and Nor. Such a pity the losses of Berek and Lucas who did not make it to the end.

Hey, but Berek did finish, dumbass!

Oh yeah, sorry for that!

Don’t worry, I almost doubted myself for a moment there.

Stay tuned to the Tale of the 12+1 Warlords because we still have to run the final voting where you can choose your favourite Warlord from those who got to the end! (But please stop sending those panties because you won’t be able to vote for Lucas… he did not make it!)

Very soon! With more news that we can’t comment on yet!

I can’t contain my joy.

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