Golden Demon in Amsterdam announced for October 1st 2016


Games Workshop has just announced a new addition to its Golden Demon and event calendar: a Warhammer Open Day in Amsterdam, on October the 1st.


The Warhammer European Open Day is the quintessential open day experience for fans of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, brought to the sun and splendor of Europe, including a Golden Demon painting competition! On Saturday 1st October 2016 join us at the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport Hotel, Amsterdam, for the first Warhammer European Open Day.

There is just one month left to prepare for the contest, and the company has not yet entirely described how the Golden Demon is going to be like this time. You may remember the Golden Demon calendar for 2016-17, that so far only had one ‘Classic’ Golden Demon announced, and the rest were just different editions of those ‘mini’ Golden Demons.

How will it be this time? Is there enough time now for such a contest? Are you going to attend?

More news when we have them!

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  1. I’m afraid I won’t be going. 🙁 I have a wedding of a friend that same weekend so I will be missing both SMC and this one. Maybe next time!


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