Do Not Miss 2018 Week 19


Slayersword winner of the Golden Demon UK 2018.

Finished scene of this realistic forest based on a model from the Rising Sun boardgame.

Amazing colours on this model from Chronos Miniatures in 75 mm.

Two versions of this same figure will be marketed by Mirico Collectibles.

75mm figure sculpted for Figone by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul.

Different takes on painting marble explained in this article in

First painted version of the Goblin King from Spira Mirabilis sculpted by Lucas Pina.

40mm figure for dungeon crawlers, will be sold by Zealot Miniatures.

This article explains the painting of this awesome version of a Death Korps of Krieg miniature.

Painting on this model for Galapagos Miniatures, sculpted and painted by Ju-Won Jung.

The legendary duel from Forgeworld painted by Anthony Rodriguez.

Cool version of this model by Nocturna in a dark manner.

Photoprocess of this piece based on the legendary character by Miguel de Cervantes.

Painting by May Aguilar on this bust sculpted by Pedro Fernández.

Different take on this Knight from Kingdom Death.

Lots of cool new models of ghosts coming in from the British company.

Event report in “Miniature paintings by Juan” facebook page.

Everything relevant happening on the Fest this year, summarized by the guys in Warhammer Community. So many new models and ideas revealed this year!

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