Do Not Miss 2018 Week 27


Ultra smooth and contrasted version of this Custodes model from Forgeworld.

Great use of a balanced colour palette with limited tones but great contrast.

Incredible scene where there is greatness in the contrast of sizes.

This version of the bust from Big Child Creatives makes great use of the power of evident brushstrokes.

Tutorial on how to paint skeletons in a relatively fast way to a great quality in

Heavily textured version of the Great Unclean One, Gold in Monster category in the Golden Demon Aos 2018.

Dark and gritty version of Akito from Neko Galaxy.

Huge version of Lovecraft’s legendary monster, 65cm of plasticine and epoxy putty. Made for Cthulhu Death may Die from CMON.

Pedro’s version of this model sculpted by David Waeselynck got him bronce in Staff category of the Golden Demon AoS 2018.

Javi has lately been painting these really cool models from the Haqquislam Infinity range.

Made for Paolo Parente’s Dust game, 13cm tall in Sculpey and Fimo 50-50. Based on artwork by Daniel Zrom.

Sculpted for Kabuki Studio in 35mm.

Boxart for Mirico, on a sculpture by Raúl García Latorre.

Amazing kitbashing from different well known kits from GW. We love these ideas!

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