Do Not Miss 2020 Week 36


Natalia’s outstanding version of Cursed from Creepytables.

Sculpted by Daniel Fernández-Truchaud, painted by Rodrigo Ciprés.

Digitally sculpted for Black Crow Miniatures.

Marc’s version of this model sculpted by Allan Carrasco for Big Child Creatives.

Some photo insights into Lucas’ sculpting process of Ballsaurus. It’s amazing to see how the idea changes along the process.

Coderevenge’s magnificent version of the grot shaman from the Gobbapalooza set.

Painted by Arnau Lázaro, sculpted by Joaquín Palacios based on concept by Stefano Moroni.

Emuse’s version of the Miner from Spira Mirabilis sculpted by Lucas Pina.

Magnus’ version of this bust from Galapagos Miniatures sculpted by Ju Won Jung.

Mihausz painted version of this model from Limbo Miniatures sculpted by Charles Agius.

Sculpted for Fan Art Models.

First in a series of articles on the building of a custom Kill Team board. It’s really inspiring to watch Roman tackle projects like these.

Interesting expression on this academic bust which will probably be a nice canvas for many ideas.

Sculpted by Alexander Deryabin.

Julian’s version of the bust sculpted by Maxime Penaud.

Really cool version of the leader of the Steelheart warband from Warhammer Underworlds, as if he had just escaped from Shadespire.

We like the jungle base accompanying the model from the Hirelings of Asura series.

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