Do Not Miss 2017 Week 2


A long awaited release by Tzeentch lovers everywhere. Huge!

Rodrigo is making a great use of his time working with Big Child Creatives in their studio.

This is one of the boxarts, the one by Marc Masclans, for this piece sculpted by Raúl García Latorre for Hera Models.

Fantastic addition for Nuts Planet Historical busts catalogue.

Kirill teaching us again how to make non metallics work for Historical miniatures.

Crisp and detailed sculpting again from the great Patrick Masson.

Cool freehands with useful tips explained in this article in

A new bust to add to Romain’s extremely creative catalogue.

Amazing 35mm sculpting by Olivier Bouchet.

In depth article about this Historical miniature on horseback by David Powell, in

We love these mini articles from Sergio.

Cool concept masterfully executed by Gautier.

Stephane’s work on this recently funded boardgame is remarkable.

Thomas David will have years of work thanks to the great success of the last Kingdom Death Kickstarter campaign. A great chance to continue letting his imagination run wild.

Despite not being exactly resembling Helena, this is a cool new teaser for their Harry Potter range.

You may clearly recognize where the inspiration for this mini comes from…

This is a very innovative idea nicely reviewed by Roman in Massive Voodoo.

A cool idea of creating connected plinths for a multiple based miniature project.

Second release from Luxumbra, the company that will produce busts based on the Infinity franchise.

Fran usually does a lot of conversion on his pieces to be able to tell the stories he has in his mind.

Simple wood painting in the blog Coloured Dust.

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