A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 3 Order Alliance updates


The other Alliances have set the bar very high this important Checkpoint 3. It’s time for Order now!

Alliance Order Checkpoint 3

This Alliance has seen the fall of the only Warlord who did not make it past Checkpoint 3. But let’s take it one step at a time. Let’s talk to them in order of painted points achieved so far:


This Checkpoint was very important for everyone. And Mitico knew this. That is why he basically turned the table upside down and decided to demonstrate to the rest of the Warlords why he is a great army painter. What a great boost in painted points! He is almost there now!

Thanks to this great progress, Mitico is now on the right path to success with his Kharadron Overlords. And getting very close to the end with his updated roster list:

We have no doubts that Mitico will complete what is left on his table, just a few more minis and then he is done!


Armed with an outstanding willpower, Mariano keeps surprising us with his version of Old School Wanderers, singing songs from deep in the forest. The way is clear for him now, and getting closer to the campaign’s objective, progressing sure and safe well past Checkpoint 3.

After the awakening of the secret valley, many elves have been faced with the sad reality. It is not only that the world has changed, because it has changed and much; Is that they, who were the most modern of the modern, have gone out of style!

But that will not stop them, confident to regain their status, they have prepared themself for battle:

They have dyed their hair
Hair has been carded
The tights of strident colors again cover their skin
Painting your eyes with colour has always been a good idea.
The shoulder pads are the most …

And to be really ready, they have made a playlist with the best of the best: ska, dub, punk …

As an example, another song stolen to the elves by a human music group during the eighties, The Clash.

Enjoy the original song “Loec is calling”.

Loec is calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared and battle come down
Loec is calling to the underworld
Come out of the earth, you dryads with spears
Loec is calling, now don’t look to us
All the monsters have bitten the dust
Loec is calling, see we ain’t got no fear
‘Cept for the horror of the “Despacito” song…

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Meltdown expected, the hate is growing
Spring stop running, but I have no fear
‘Cause Loec is calling, and we live by the magic woods

Loec is calling to the wanderers zone
Forget it, brother, you can’t go it alone
Loec is calling to the dancers of death
so don’t be shy and do another breath
Loec is calling and I don’t want to shout
so move your ass and get out
Loec is calling, see we ain’t got no place
Except for woods of the masked face

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Meltdown expected, the hate is growing
Spring stop running, but I have no fear
‘Cause Loec is calling, and we live by the magic woods

The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in
Meltdown expected, the hate is growing
Spring stop running, but I have no fear
‘Cause Loec is calling, and we live by the magic woods

Now c’mon

Loec is calling, yes, I am here, too
And you know what he says? Well, we have to dance through!
Loec is calling to the top of the elves
And after all this, won’t you join our faces?

I never felt so much a’ like a’like a’wardancer

We have to admit that he is doing an amazing job on such oldies. And he is determined to continue doing so by revealing the rest of his plan:

Seems like no fancy new Age of Sigmar miniatures will stop Mariano from releasing the power of the Old School.


He was true to his word. He said he would have no problem wrapping up Checkpoint 3 in the last minutes, and he did. Let’s hear what the blondest of the Kharadron’s Lords has to say about his progress.

What a final sprint from all the Warlords! I thought that more of my colleagues would fall in this Checkpoint but at the end they managed to grind their teeth and we only had one man down. Seems that I will have to start taking my opponents more seriously!! They may end up being a real threat!! XD

On my side, I haven’t really suffered that much. Fortunately, my dwarves are very easily painted quite fast, as I said on the last Checkpoint, many of the miniatures are filled with metallic pieces and the airbrush let me progress very quickly and end up here with enough air.

For the bases, I tried to look for an effect to contrast with the miniatures, so I chose a saturated and different colour to the rest of the colours used in the miniatures. This is the typical orange tone from ceramic rocks or clay used in tennis courts.

Now it’s time to rest for a while and regain strength for the next 500 points that will be quite tough. Prepare to weigh anchors, nice winds, and sail to victory!

For the 500 points of the next Checkpoint I have to finish these 10 dwarves and paint the 2 heroes that remain on their boxes… I think I can do it, don’t you think?

#easy #teamOrder

Nice and easy, some metallics, drybrushes, fast bases… it seems Paloji has got the hang out of tabletop painting and rewards us with a nice looking band so far.

Yet we still don’t really know where the winds will lead his Overlords.

Some say Paloji is thinking about other challenges now and is trying to lure the group into new opportunities in other games and universes. Will he be able to maintain his promise and keep up until the end of A Tale of 12+1 Warlords?


Checkpoint 3 was hard on everyone, especially on those not used to painting particularly fast or constantly. And perhaps the pride of the Aelves has been too high for a campaign like this one, with too little time for too many gems.

However, the prince of the Aelves, Volomir, has managed to get past this terrible storm with the first 500 points. Let’s see what he has to say:

Until the very last minute I really thought I was not going to make it. However, seeing my fellow Warlords working so hard, I set aside many of modern life endeavors and concentrated like crazy in the last few days before the Checkpoint to seal the deal and complete the mandatory 500 points.

The jewel of the band so far is the Archmage. An idea that I had on hold for quite a long time now, I found the painting campaign to be the best initiative to make it happen. The time frames were not ideal but I think it has turned out pretty cool (even though the photos made with the phone are awful, I promise better ones once the good camera is fixed).

The Reavers were taking me too long with all their tiny details. There was a lot of work put into them, from the conversion work on the armour scales, just like I did with the first 5 I painted long ago, to the painting work on the horses and the water bases. In the end, to be able to get to the 500 points I had to speed up some parts of the work with the promise of using some possible spare time later to go back and level up everything. The Repeater Bolt Thrower is quite a dull and old miniature that could use a lot more attention, but at this point I had to optimize the time and dedicate it to the important tasks.

Overall, I believe that this is a great stepping stone for the second part of the campaign. Now is where the big guns will come in and I’m hoping to have some extra time at the end to give some final touches to everything once the job is done.

I’m planning some interesting putty work on the Warden and the Phoenix… let’s see!

And with the first 500 points in line, it’s time for him to deal with far more interesting challenges:

Will Volomir’s dreams of conversions and non-tabletop paintjobs take their toll? Or will he endure and manage to complete the deal by the end of the campaign?


His progress bar may indicate the contrary, but in reality, Gryndal has also passed the test of Checkpoint 3. His complete 1,000 point list split into two indicated 460 for the first part and 560 for the second. So we agreed he was fine.

I’m going to try to make this as short as possible trying not to bore you! There have been many changes since the last time I wrote some lines about it.

The biggest change is the list. When I created it, I tried to compensate and make something traditionally Dwarf. However, after Checkpoint 1, I changed my mind. There are 12 fantastic artists here that serve as great inspiration to me, but among them, my favourites are Lucas, Mariano and a bit further down the line, Berek and Javi. These are armies that I consider to have soul. Lucas has customized his Orruks to give them something no one else’s will have, Berek and Javi have armies that are complicated to have nowadays and will be a pleasure to see (I had to pay for some beers to get them to work on them) and Mariano is working on a very fun army rescuing lost miniatures and painting them to a nowadays standard (my girlfriend supports him and that is why I could not post anything on Checkpoint 2, she made me erase all my photos and processes). The rest are going to have very nice armies but lacking soul.

So I decided to take something out of them, because I can’t compete against them in their field (especially on the magical ability of Lucas with putty) and I tried to make a journey through the time of Dwarves, so my objective is to paint the same unit different times but with the corresponding miniatures of different eras. Before seeing the comparison, I need to present the 500 points until now.

First of all, Thorek Ironbrow and his loyal friend Kraggi. Possibly the 2 nicest miniatures of the Dwarven catalogue, and the worst casts of all my possessions. This has complicated enormously the painting job, but in the end they have turned out to be quite nice, and complementary to support the army scheme. These are the two miniatures with less connection between them regarding colours and bases to the rest, but this has its reason as you will see in the right time.

Then, the Hammerers. I don’t know why but they are the unit I liked the most when I was a kid and started hoarding bearded little guys. The truth is that they have given me more headaches than I would have liked. With them I performed all kinds of colour rests and repainted them over and over again until I found the right tones. I’m very proud of the result.

Finally, the warriors, the skeleton of every Dwarven army. If I had to choose something of these 500 points, it would be them. If someone has them at home, they will find that there is only one pose, and that it’s not a miniature easily converted (especially with time running against you) but I think that the individuality of each miniature is very well achieved and I managed to get a very nice colour scheme. These are the first colour tests with which I finished defining the colours of the next 500 points.

And that is all for now on Checkpoint 3! It took nearly 3 months but now I have solved all my internal questions regarding colour schemes and tones so for the next one I will add some tutorials and details for you all. See you!

Here are all the pictures!

In truth, it’s amazing how cool these little dwarves look in their round bases. We love Gryndal’s army!

Gryndal still has a lot of work to do, he is going to paint 41 miniatures in what remains of the campaign! We want to see this huge task come to fruition! Keep up Gryndal!

Mr. X

And so we get to the sad farewell of Checkpoint 3. Mr. X, as you already know, gave up against the forces of Chaos and did not manage to paint the first mandatory 500 points. Sigmar is weeping his loss.

Long will the bards sing mocking songs about his saga, a story of failure and disappointment. His list of Stormcasts now rests in the Hall of Forsaken Warlords, together with those, who just like Mr. X, did not have what they required to step up to the task.

And the saddest part. We will never get to see his real identity. Or will we?

And thus ends the story so far up to Checkpoint 3. We do expect some very shy progress in the upcoming Checkpoint 4, as the painting hangover from this past month will very probably take its toll. But let’s see…

Will any more Warlords join Mr. X in infamy? Who will manage to finish their army in glory? Who will fall?

Stay tuned for more updates soon, in the great Tale of 12+1 Warlords!


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