A Tale of 12+1 Warlords: Checkpoint 4 Chaos and Destruction Alliances updates


As we already discussed, this month the Warlords are suffering from a heavy painting hangover. Thus, there are not many updates to show, but there are still some worth mentioning. Today we want to showcase what the most active Warlords from Alliances Chaos and Destruction have been up to in Checkpoint 4:

Aliance Destruction Checkpoint 4

From Alliance Destruction we are getting news about Norberto and Lucas. Mommel and Berek have not concentrated very much in the campaign this Checkpoint so we will not talk about them.


Norberto does not bring us any news about his miniatures, but he wants us to know that his list is going to suffer some changes:


After Lucas’ showoff in Checkpoint 3, he realized that maintaining the great standard on all the army is going to take great effort and much time, and he still has to work on the largest portion of his warband. He is asking for some extra time to the organization that is now being discussed within the Warlords Council. In the meantime, Lucas is using all the time he has and he has rewarded us with another great marvel.


First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the great reception that you gave the Megaboss, I really didn’t expect it at all, and it has motivated me hugely! (as you can see by observing my army list).

So after a month that I have been working crazy with Mamabúho, I managed to make some time to paint Kabumm Mazpallá Kepaká.

As I said, I think that the Weirdnob shaman is one of my favourite miniatures from all the Age of Sigmar catalogue, and the one that made me go full Ironjawz. At the end I decided to put a mask on him: I’ve always loved Wurrzag, and an army of Savages is nothing without his Shaman and his tribal mask, filled with coloured feathers. I decided to open up his mouth a little more, to give him a more…. savage look. 😝

With regards to the list, I want to add some Savage Grots, now that I can use some Allies with the General’s Handbook 2017, I can do what I have always wanted! *-*

Thanks and I hope you like it. I for one I’m enjoying it a lot!

We will have to accept Lucas’ petition for extra time if he keeps indulging us like this! What do you guys think?

Alliance Chaos Checkpoint 4

In the house of Chaos, Armando is the one leading this time. He has not much to show for now, probably because of that horrible painting hangover, but at least is more to show that Javi and Phobos, who have decided to hide inside a cave until further notice.


My update this time is quite sad (a lot) but it’s all I managed to do this month. After Checkpoint 3, and between trips, preparing miniatures for a contest… and also, to be honest… I’ve relaxed a bit. The only thing I did for the campaign is prepare my part of the miniatures that I still have to complete for those 1,000 points.

I really have to get serious and step up. 2 months go by in a blink, and I still have much to do!

In the next Checkpoint I promise to have at least one unit ready (I have to!).

And he will do so with some updates on his list:

That’s all for now! The guys in the Order Alliance have a bit more to tell us this month, but the hangover has been very hard on them too. Stay tuned!

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