The Warmasters’ Crusade – Enemies of the Imperium Checkpoint 2


In this late update of the Checkpoint 2, it’s time now to check what the Enemies of the Imperium have achieved, reporting their progress up to the second month.

Enemies of the Imperium Checkpoint 2

In order of points achieved:

Yes, you can see that we already have the first eliminated Warlord and we haven’t even reached Checkpoint 3. Let’s review each case individually:

Mariano/Gryndal – Orks

Mariano and Gryndal continue their honeymoon in the land of all things Old School and advance firmly towards their objective. The fact that they are two painters is contributing to their success since they are putting pressure on each other so that motivation does not decay.

And the most important thing: they are actually achieving some very awesome results in miniatures that could have been cool 30 years ago but now are up to a very questionable standard to say the least…

The story of Ghazghkull “Old School” continues:

The march that Ghazghkull and his riders began seemed to have no end. For many days and nights they rode on the immense desert of their devastated planet, confronting the scattered clans and demonstrating their force.

During the first days, the riders asked Ghazghkull about why they could not kill the rivals, if he did not want to recruit them. Ghazghkull always told them that they would understand one day. He said that they are all part of a plan much bigger than themselves. One night, after many days without see anyone, a flock of orks warriors appeared. They did not seem lost, or desperate, or anxious to prove their worth. They simply presented themselves to Ghazghkull, ignoring his riders, and surrendered their weapons at his feet as a sign of submission. He, pleased, gave them back their weapons and told them to leave, that they are not worthy into their plans. Although submissive, the orks looked furiously at Ghazghkull, but when Ghazghkull looked them back, the warriors ran away throught the night.

For days, while wandering in one of the longest marches that the riders could remember, the picture was repeated constantly, and always Ghazghkull rejected the new recruits. His personal guard had learned during all this time that Ghazghkull‘s mind was too strange for them, however, restless by curiosity, one of the riders asked his boss:

-My lorz, why did you reject at all these new recruitz? They could be useful if we want to conquer the Empire. – Here the voice hesitated before contradicting the one who had been his savior. – And we are happy to go from village to village defeating our brothers without power to slice the necks or torture their animals-

For a few moments Ghazghkull remained silent, while doubts about the punishment appeared in the mind of the insolent, however, Ghazghkull replied quietly.

– In the  beginning of our march, we faced those warriors who saw orks brothers appear in the middle of the storm and they only thought about demonstrating their worth killing us. They put their pride above the common good. These are not warriors with whom we want to count in our army. – Ghazghkull let his men understand this, and continued. -During all this time, for each defeated village, our legend was enlarged, and our strength grew in the ears of others. All those who have come now are weaks orks, believing that by leaning against the hottest sun they would live in peace. We do not want those cowards with us.

-Then… What are we looking for?? – He snapped one of his classmates

-Let us listen to those orks who trust so much in their power, that they do not look to ask for help or to take care of them; They do not so much distrust him, they want to prove their worth by killing him. We find the best orks. I beseech those worthy of the path I am going to show you.

No one asked about Ghazghkull’s plans that night, or any more thereafter. They continued on their way until they found a cabin in the middle of nowhere. They had not seen any trace of life for days, when suddenly Ghazghkull had them dismount. When asked why, he snapped:

“Here lives a legendary psychic and his apprentices, seers, isolated from the world not to despair with the suffering they perceive, because their powers go beyond those of any understanding.”

They moved calmly, trying not to look invaders, when they began to hear grunts and curses in the distance. They approached to the source, when they found two burly orks carrying a third with a strange outfit, which seemed taken from another time or season. They bowed before them with total solemnity venerating the powerful spectacle they were seeing and presented themselves, asking them to accompany them on their journey, and a strange response was received:

– I am Jark’vierk, and this one here is my brother. Long has this land has suffered. Fauna and flora have died under imperial arms for too long. It is time for us to protect the nature of this planet, and take the war outside. You have my powers with you.

– I am Barsiliork, and my brother has always been the weakest. You promise me war and in the war I will stay with you. I have seen the future and great victories await our people. The blood of our enemies will be spilled. We will burn their ships, we will rape their women, we will devour until there is not a single human child left in the whole universe.

– I am Oldi Porg’tak and these two that take me are my useless apprentices. Ignore them because even though they are powerful, they are more impetuous and idiotic. They only know how to carry me while I vomit after the long parties we celebrate to calm our despair and the hunger of our soul. Brave you are to come here to pay your respects.

And so, they formed a bond that would extend through hundreds of battles, sealing it every night as they did that first time, sharing their drinks and their warmth.

The morning, under the insistence of Oldi Porg’tak, they marched to a nearby village under Krieg control, and upon arriving there, they waited at a clandestine inn until something appeared that they had never believed: A small gretching, with an old uniform of Commander Krieg , ready to quench your thirst. Following the instructions of Oldi Porg’tak, they went to him to recruit him, taking care of paying all the alcohol that something so small could consume:

–I’ve never seen you in these lands. However, the rumors travel faster than you and your riders.  Now I know who you are and what you want. However, I do not know if you know with whom you dare to speak. I’m Grynch, the head of the gretchings of this town, and I can get you anything your minds can imagine. It’s amazing how stupid these humans can be: You wear one of their uniforms, give them enough drink and they greet you and treat you like one of their superiors. Here I have everything I need, so you can offer me in exchange for my services

– The real question is what do you want in exchange for accompanying us. If you want a name in history you will have it. Being remembered in the legends is sure. A planet to lead? It could also be yours. So much gold that you cannot tell. A fleet so big you could dominate any system, and as many slaves as you want. I’m just asking you to arm us. I want a tank. The biggest tank you can get

-So a tank huh … I’ll just need a few days, my brothers will loot one for you … but you know the price: I want it all

Mitico – Nurgle Death Guard

This month, seeing that he was progressing at a good pace, Mitico has decided to rest. We know that he likes to play everything to a card when the clock is about to mark the end of the game, so he leaves everything for Checkpoint 3 next month.

Despite this, he is still the second of the Enemies by points completed: that’s because of the disastrous panorama of the rest of the Warmasters…

Here we go.

Piti – Eldar

Piti is not at all used to painting on a regular basis, that’s pretty obvious.

However, it is true that he made some progress with his Eldar and reports about 30% of the points he needs to get to Checkpoint 3 alive. He does not send us photos of his progress, so we assume that what he did last month is enough to justify his progress. However, something tells me that Piti will not get very far at this rate …

So much Excel planning… for nothing?

Troncho – Chaos Space Marines

Another month goes by and Troncho is still missing in action. A despicable start in the campaign that reeks of failure and soon elimination. Things have to change a lot so that Troncho stays alive next month.

Berek – Tau

Once again, Berek disappoints with a nice zero on his progress marker. It is said that he has been working hard on his entry to the Golden Demon in May (he could have painted some model from his Tau army and killed two birds with one stone, but no…). We hope that his decision has been worth it… we will see next month!

Mr. X

The sad note of this month is that Mr. X abandons us. He was already the first one eliminated from the AoS campaign last year and few had high hopes for him this time. However, in this case he leaves early due to health problems. It seems that his back needs rest and it will be difficult for him to justify painting efforts for the great Crusade. Sadly we have to say goodbye prematurely and wish him a speedy recovery. All our best to B… I mean… Mr.X!

Thus ends Checkpoint 2 , which we could call “the transition one”. In summary: few advances reported by the majority of participants and a premature elimination by force majeure.

Next month is the moment of truth in The Warmasters’ Crusade! Who will manage to report at least 500 points? Stay tuned!

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