Warcrow 2019, IV edition of the ‘Infinity: The Game’ painting contest


Incoming a new edition of the Interplanetario, the flagship event for all fans of the world of Infinity: The Game, and within it, the fourth edition of their most important painting contest, the Warcrow. This year 2019, Interplanetario will take place in Vigo during the days 16-18 August.

It’s important to note that this year there will be prizes for all the participants! Just like last year, there will be a bag of gifts for all the participants. It will be more exclusive than last year, with products from Vallejo and hobby-related goodies. In addition to the usual prizes for the winners: trophies, airbrushes, paint boxes, etc. This year there will be more honourable mentions, rewarding all the miniatures that are considered worthy of recognition even if they do not reach the podium.

Apart from the Warcrow, there will be all sort of activities organized around the hobby: masterclasses, speed painting competitions, painting and kitbashing tables with material to paint for free during the whole event, talks about conceptual design and sculpture, and many more.

This year I am lucky again to be part of the judging panel!

Maybe they should have changed this picture of me in which I am like 10 years younger and had much more free time than I have now… XD

It’s important to note that unlike previous years, Interplanetario will no longer be held at the Maritime Station of Vigo, but rather at the Mar de Vigo Pazo Congres Auditorium (Av. Da Beiramar, 59), since for bureaucratic reasons it has not been possible to close the location with sufficient time in advance.

I give you now some official information about this edition of the contest:

Warcrow Categories

  • Individual miniature. Any individual miniature from the Corvus Belli’s Catalogue (Infinity, Aristeia! also Luxumbra)
  • PLatoon: A group of at least four miniatures from the same Infinity army or A! Team.
  • Diorama: Two or more miniatures representing a scene on a scenery element.
  • Specialist Crow. The same miniature for all the contestants, chosen by the organization. This year’s miniature will be: JEANNE D’ARC (MULTI RIFLE).
  • Special Category: Group of miniatures not submited to Warcrow, but being used for the tournament.

Signing up

Ticket fee: 10€

Miniature delivery and prizes

The miniatures will be delivered to the exposition table.

  • FRIDAY 16th: All day.
  • SATURDAY 17th: Up until 13:00hrs and at 15:00 Exposition.

Prize awards: Prizes and raffles for all participants. Special prizes for the best three of each category:

  • SUNDAY 18th: From 13:00hrs.

Miniatures will be available for pick up once the prizes have been awarded.


  • The judges will be form of renowned painters: Rafael García, Sergio Luque y Carlos Torres.
  • The works will be valued according to parameters such as: Color, technique, presentation, conversion level, creativity and the setting work in the figure as well as in the base or the scenic base.
  • Each category will have prizes of gold, silver and bronze. The jury may eliminate any prize or give several prizes if it deems it appropriate.- The special prize “Best of Show” will be awarded to the best work among the gold winners of each category.
  • There will be no maximum number of works per participant or category. Each participant will only be eligible for one prize per category (Excluding mentions and ruffles). 
  •  All the miniatures submitted to the contest must be original pieces or conversions of INFINITY miniatures. The organization reserves the right not to accept conversions that have a high percentage of components outside the INFINITY brand.
  •  The presented figures will be exhibited from the moment of opening until the awards ceremony, therefore miniatures that the players need for the tournament can not be submitted to the contest.
  •  The organization reserves the right to establish its criteria before any doubt with the rules of the contest. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of the bases of this.

See you all there, you can’t miss this one!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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