Warcrow, III edition of the ‘Infinity: The Game’ painting contest


Once again, Corvus Belli strikes back with the third edition of their most important painting contest. It will be held in the Interplanetario, already in its fifth edition, in the Spanish city of Vigo during the weekend of August 17-19.

The first edition turned out to be a great success and the second one also had a very significant attendance. In the edition of this year there are important news, such as brand new categories (Aristeia! individual miniature and Luxumbra busts and large scale models). This time I will not be able to be in two places at the same time so I won’t be able to be part of the judging team, which opens the possibility to more and better judges this year: Javier González ‘Arsies’ and Sergio Calvo, two of the most important painters currently in Spain will be joining in. Great news, aren’t they? 🙂

We leave you know with some official information about the contest:

Warcrow Categories

These are the categories of the first edition of Warcrow:

  • Small individual Infinity miniature
  • Small individual Aristeia! miniature
  • Big individual miniatures
  • Dioramas. Composition of 2 or more miniatures on a scene.
  • Converted miniature: Unpainted miniatures will be admitted though some presentation will be valued positively (neutral grey priming). These pieces must have always a Corvus Belli Infinity miniature as a base.
  • Platoon (Group of at least three miniatures from the same army).
  • Busts and Large Scale models For any model from the Luxumbra range.
  • Specialist Crow The same miniature for all the participants established by the organization. This year: MAXIMUS THERMOPYLAE.

Participation fees

  • Ticket during Interplanetario: 10€

Miniatures Delivery

Pick up at the INTERPLANETARY STAFF Table:
  • FRIDAY 28: All day.
  • SATURDAY 29: Until 13:00hrs. 15:00 Display.


  • SUNDAY 30: from 13:00hrs. The miniatures will be picked up once the prizes have been awarded.

More information in the website of Warcrow 2018.

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