50 Articles and Tutorials to ‘Do not Miss’ from 2016


The year 2016 has left us a lot of great articles, tutorials and photo processes that are very valuable. This is a list of 50 tutorials from 2016 to ‘Do Not Miss’. Taken from our weekly collection of articles we have seen in the 52 weeks of 2016.

Tremendous article about the painting of this great bust by Roman Lappat.

Photo tutorial on building trees for your creations.

Photo process of the sculpting of this dwarf bust by Lucas Pina.

Another of the very instructive Step by Step articles from Roman. This is a wonderful example of ambience and composition study, one of those you need to read!

The WIP photos of everything Lucas sculpts are extremely interesting. It’s amazing to get an insight into his creation process.

Probably no one better capable of explaining NMM as perfectly as Darren Latham. This article is absolutely a must read. Do Not Miss!

Super instructive and interesting article on how Thor Intararangson painted this Orruk Megaboss.

The awesome sculpting work from Lucas Pina on ‘Wizard of Agni’ also deserves an article of its own.

Step by Step in a nutshell, so many information in just one photo!

Latorre in all his glory, the sculpture of his last miniature for Hera Models explained picture by picture.

Just a few pics showing the process of sculpting Garandur, one of the latest releases from Joaquin Palacios company. Seems easy to sculpt, doesn’t it? That’s the greatness behind Joaquin’s work, he makes it seem easy!

Want to prepare a title plaque worthy of a Slayersword? Now you can learn how to, with David Soper!

Lucas Pina posts processes of his work from time to time and they are tremendously instructive. This is the one for Kellath, the Goblin Shaman for Hera Models.

As well as the new release, we were also delighted with a wonderful photoprocess of the whole piece. There’s a lot to learn from the processes of the master.

Extremely instructive tutorial that helps us with one of the most difficult colours to paint: white!

A couple of Roman’s last creations, analyzed in detail in an article where he explains thoughts and considerations behind using blue and cold colours on these miniatures.

Excellent bust painting advice from Jason Zhou in figurementors.com. Reading his article thoroughly may help us acquire some of his incredible skills to create extremely realistic textures on bust faces.

Just this last week we introduced the newest member of the volomir.com team, Marc Masclans. His first article in the site is absolutely amazing and a true Do Not Miss of this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

Raffaele Picca sculpts and paints this bust now released by Fer Miniatures, and shows us all the secrets of the creation process in this article in Massive Voodoo.

Wonderful article from David Powell that will give you an insight on how he understands OSL painting. You really need to read this! Very instructive. From figurementors.com.

You may remember Anthony’s take on the Anonymous bust by Banshee. In this article, Anthony explains how he achieved the impressionist type of effect with impasto painting. Very instructive!

Brandon is very famous for his huge custom built armies, and in this one he really made something authentically unique! Now he shares somes of the pics of the process where he shows some of the secrets behind the scenes.

An instructive video from the guys at Eureka minis, showing how to build a Jungle themed base. Subtitles in Spanish though!

David Soper continues the work on these Nurgle plaguebearers. Most probably to be finished for Golden Demon 2016!

Interesting tutorial on the painting of this bust.

Instructive tutorial on building fantasy ice terrain.

In depth article on the creation of this fantastic diorama by Luis ‘Fantasydemon’, in figurementors.com.

Eureka minis has a lot of great tutorials lately. This one, by Daniel Guijarro, is on the painting of this interesting miniature from Nocturna Models.

Don’t miss Roman’s take on this Dwarf sculpted by Lucas Pina, carefully explained as usual in Massive Voodoo.

This article is without a doubt a great tutorial on how to paint this kind of skin and texture.

Super instructive article on how lighting affects basic shapes to extrapolate to any other volume.

Get an insight into Roman’s thoughts while he paints this bust sculpted by Lucas Pina for the company Midnight Miniatures.

We really love the style of Sergio’s quick step by step pictures.

A great article by Roman Lappat on his painting of this converted Barbarian from the Silver Tower set by Games Workshop.

Very interesting tutorial where we can see how to paint the Avalonian bust with Johann from Chestnut Ink.

Very interesting face tutorial to understand how to paint these tiny miniature faces, especially in figures like Infinity ones, very small!

The painting of the Sharki bust explained in full detail as usual in Massive Voodoo.

Pepa’s work is always a must, and reading her thoughts on the process is priceless.

Jonatan shares his sculpting process on ‘Big Adventure’, photo by photo we can dissect how he created this piece.

Golden Horn is the title of this miniature that Roman Lappat shows us how to paint in detail. Another great Step by Step article on Massive Voodoo.

We missed this the last time David (Basilisk) from The Chromatic Circle shared this tutorial. Very instructive!

Roman continues tirelessly with his articles and super instructive step by step thoughts on this extraordinarily big sized bust representing Azogh from The Hobbit.

Even better than Lucas Pina’s sculptures are his WIP photos. So much to learn from watching a sculpture process like this one!

David Soper is now working his brush on this Orruk Megaboss, and in his latest article, he gives us his personal insights into painting skin in these creatures.

A tiny diorama using an X-Wing from the X-Wing miniatures game. There’s so much to pay attention to in this very small, scene! Don’t miss the miniature droid!

Sculpting processes are not that common, so don’t forget to check out the photo process of this barbarian sculpture by Pablo Ronda for his company Clay Dreams, published in Eureka Minis blog.

Kristian shows us how he created this diorama, an allegory of feelings in war, all in figurementors.com.

François is building this nice diorama of a grotto cave and explains us how to achieve this kind of base.

Second part of Gareth’s tutorial on how he tackles a miniature project.

Raffa explains how to paint rust in his latest article in Massive Voodoo.

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  1. Wow! Five from our site figurementors.com. What can I say? 😉Actually Rafa and co, this is a massive honour for me and the team, it shows that our work is being noticed and respected by some of the biggest names in our community! Thanks so much for your support in 2016 my friend!!

  2. As we said on facebook, thank you very much Jay Martin! figurementors.com has done great great work in 2016 and we are really looking forward to all the new stuff you guys are bringing for the community. 🙂 We are very grateful for everything you are doing! Keep it up!!!


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