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Sometimes we run into models that are really different. This is the case of what we bring you today, from Mindwork Games, one of the last references of the series ‘Freakshow’. It is aimed to collectors who enjoy characters that could fit into the cast of ‘Carnivale’.


It’s a 54mm miniature sculpted by Antonio Mazii from a concept art from Macs Gallo. Let’s see what Mindwork Games provides here in detail:

DSC_0005The packaging is simple but effective. The typical grey foam comes protecting the piece. The miniature comes unpunched from the sprue, this can save us a bit of work when painting some of the tiniest bits.

The general quality of the miniature is high, cast in a grey resin not very hard that gives you “certain” confidence when manipulating it. Assembly doesn’t seem very complex and in a few minutes we can have it ready for priming.

DSC_0006DSC_0007Some spare resin from the moulds can be seen but it is very subtle and easy to remove with a soft x-acto knife touch. There are practically no mould lines and the overall finish is very fine.

DSC_0010DSC_0012In general the details is more than sufficient at this scale. The small details are very well defined and the miniature can offer a not very complicated painting despite the quantity of objects and accessories that come with it.

The strongest part of the miniature is the genre. In the miniature market there are not so many miniatures from this genre, and much less a complete series of them.

PROS: Originality and endless possibilities for painting.
CONS: The pose and maybe the lack of expression… but that can be blamed to him being a “faceless” character 😉

You can buy this miniature in the Mindwork Games website.

Sculpting Detail
Poses and expressions
Pieces and assembly
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