Do Not Miss 2016 Week 35


I have no words to describe Kirill’s work on this one. Let me just invite you to take a closer look to the plastic bag on the chest. And everything else of course. Wow.

What an amazing sculpture by Allan Carrasco for LeBen Models (Benoit Menard’s company). I’m sure we will see plenty of painted versions of it. Incredible! The boxart of the official product is done by Benoit Menard himself.

The next release in the extraordinary catalogue of Hera Models is this amazing goblin shaman designed by Victor Guerra, sculpted by Lucas Pina and painted by Marc Masclans. What a team! We love it.

The new bust in the Forged Monkey line by Raffaele Picca of FeR miniatures is absolutely breathtaking. What a wonderful bust!

The Luxumbra project was unveiled this weekend at the Interplanetario, the Infinity flagship event in Vigo. The company is going to produce excellent busts and large scale models based on the Infinity franchise. This will be their first release, you can already see the first version painted by Angel Giraldez, and the model will be available next year.

This is the bust version of the already existing character in the Draconia catalogue. The sculpture was created by Laslo Forgach and the boxart version painted beautifully by Marc Masclans.

The polish painter is extremely skillful when it comes to smoothness and blending, and this miniature is yet another example of his talent.

Another model sculpted by Patrick for the company Luftkrieg 1919, marvellous sculpting as usual.

I love this model from Mierce Miniatures, and C’tan’s take on this one is really great.

Marina participated in the Infinity Warcrow contest this weekend and her pieces were awared Gold and Silver. Another great piece she shows us now is this Achilles v2, what an excellent painting!

As you very well know if you follow our website, the first edition of Warcrow, the Infinity miniature painting contest, was celebrated this weekend. Do Not Miss all of the participants and winners of this first edition!

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