Do Not Miss 2017 Week 39


A true masterpiece of modern miniature painting, Lan is the top of the class with his NMM technique.

The last one of the Abominations series sculpted for Dark Age.

Sculpted by Edgar Ramos based on a concept by Guillermo González.

Celestial is showcasing an amazing range of 75mm creations.

Next superhero in Emuse’s challenge of this year.

This article is quite old but we saw it very recently and it is worth sharing even if a few years have gone by!

We are in love with the owl!

Read Artem’s thoughts on OSL painting.

An Eldar painted in Gareth’s own way of painting.

A new series by Roman Lappat starts with Envy.

Useful tutorial if you have succumbed to Nurgle’s embrace.

Cool paintjob on this boardgame piece that does not seem so boardgame-y any more!

A cool new version of the Hamelin legend, released by Kimera Models.

Nice historical piece from La Meridiana.

Interesting effect if not a bit over the top with that green.

Interesting pastel version of the Lord of Lion, brings out the red in the cloak.

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