Do Not Miss 2019 Week 3


Arnau’s version of this kit from Terrible Kids Stuff.

As part of the Gloomspite Gitz releases, the Citadel Design Studio unleashes amazing kits of Troggoths of many sizes, and some other very cool Grot characters.

Epic Primaris Marneus in beautiful bling bling Ultramarine glory.

Donald’s version of the bust for the anonimous contest by Banshee, such a clever use of visual effects and perspective. Amazing!

Mörback’s gang of Orruks and friends making of, painted for the Warbands Challenge of Le Kouzes in 2018.

Sculpted by Jonatan Monerris.

C’Tan’s version of this model sculpted by Raúl García Latorre for Mproyec.

Paloji version of the bust for the anonimous contest by Banshee.

Painted a few years back, with the wedgie completed by Chef Lim as collaboration work.

Sculpted by Radmir Achmentov, based on the concept art by Denis Zimin.

Boxart painted for Limbo Miniatures.

Sergey’s version of this 90mm historical from Pegaso Models.

Beautiful version painted using the original concept art, as a tribute to Angus McBride.

Article where Johann shows us the process of painting this big bust of an Orc.

Beautiful pastel tones in this bust representing the Lovecraftian nightmare.

Kurylenko’s version of this Native American warrior from Pegaso Models, painted on commission

Box Art for Aternity Miniatures.

Cool diorama of Space Marines riding bears.

Sculpted by Ramón Martínez, painted by Fernando Ruiz.

They may be small but Roman has an innate ability to make these models stand out and have great personality.

Quite an inspiring muted and subtle palette for a squad of zombies from Age of Sigmar.

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