Do Not Miss 2022 Week 13


Raúl’s version of the character from The Lord of the Rings.

Arnau’s version of the bust from Galapagos Models.

Ben’s vision of the legendary combat between Sanguinius and the Khorne Bloodthirster using a Stormcast dragon kit to create Ka’Bandha.

The latest Emperor’s Champion transformed into a Dark Angel and painted in the very characteristic style of Franciuus.

The smooth painting of the skink from the Starblood Stalkers that got Gavin the Slayersword from Golden Demon USA 2022.

Digitally sculpted by Sergio Diaz, painted by Erik Swinson.

Carla’s incredible rendition of the model from Axis Mundi digitally sculpted by Charles Agius.

Iván’s depiction of the vampire from Warhammer Fantasy.

An amazing conversion and painting of this Helbrecht model turned Iron Warrior, from Games Workshop.

Sculpted by Denis Gonnella.

Digitally sculpted by Sara Salmanpour, concept art by Sara Suca.

Sculpted by Martin Lavat based on art by Paul Bonner.

A really cool unit of Slaanesh Chaos Warriors.

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