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Today we have the chance of reviewing the very first release of a major miniature line that was launched this year 2016. We are talking about Dumah, the Lord of Bones, from the Italian Kimera Models.

Dumah, Lord of Bones - boxart version by Ben Komets.
Dumah, boxart version by Ben Komets.

Kimera Models is powered by the legendary Pegaso Models. Their objective is to offer high quality models based on fantastic worlds, created for the purpose of giving life to their characters. We had the chance of taking a look at their stand in Monte San Savino 2016, and we could get a glimpse of the quality and dedication that is being put in their first releases.

The art direction of Kimera Models is led by Francesco Farabi, one of the most well known painters in the Italian miniature world. He is also very well known for his work in the organization of Monte San Savino every year, and for being a very prolific artist well recognized especially for his very characteristic use of freehands. In this very first release, Francesco had the opportunity of collaborating with great painters such as Ben Komets or Fabrizio Russo for the box art paintjobs.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and review what’s inside the box of Dumah, Lord of Bones.


First of all, we find a high quality box, one of the best commercial packaging we have seen for miniatures of this kind. The package is much bigger than what a 75mm miniature would require (a 18x18cm box), and its size and great finish already indicates luxury.

Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com
Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com
Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com

The miniature comes alongside a high quality printed leaflet with information about the character, the model, and a large photograph of the original concept art by Macs Gallo. The picture is so big (30x30cm) that you could use it as a small poster for the wall.

Dumah, Lord of Bones by Kimera Models - review in volomir.com Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com

All of the parts fit perfectly on top of the protective foam. As you can see, since the box is very big, every piece rests comfortably with a lot of space.

Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com Dumah, Lord of Bones - Kimera Models - review in volomir.com

The resin is of great quality.  The cast is very good, we only find a few mold lines in some of the pieces. Since the sculpture is a 3D model (sculpted by digital artist Hector Moran) every detail is very crisp, plain surfaces are very smooth, and practically shout at you to put some paint on them. Just by touching the unassembled pieces of Dumah we are already becoming very eager to paint this miniature.

Hectors work is remarkable on this miniature. You can see how the model is basically a 3D representation of the concept art by Macs Gallo. The kit also comes with a lot of options: most armour pieces come separate from the body, and there’s also two different heads. Considering you can use the armour plates or assemble the miniature without them, there’s a huge array of possibilities for the painter. No need for putty, you can still build up your own version of Dumah just by deciding the head and the different options for the armour.


This is a very cool miniature sculpted in 3D, high quality, that comes with a large set of pieces that can be assembled at will. A versatile and luxurious 75mm miniature for the most demanding painters and collectors.


  • Great resin casting, the material is very good and details are very crisp. We barely see the usual 3D printing marks on the copy.
  • Huge versatility and endless possibilities thanks to the extra pieces that come with the kit.
  • Easy assembly thanks to precise unions between pieces, the miniature nearly holds together without any glue.


  • Alongside the new release we have already seen a lot of versions painted, even when the product was not on the market. Rather than discouraging, in this case shows the large number of variations this kit can offer, both by painting and assembling.
  • The pricepoint is rather high for a miniature of this kind. The quality of packaging, design, options and printing is reflected on the cost.

You can find all about Kimera Models on their website, as well as their online shop where you can purchase a copy of Dumah, Lord of Bones. Also, don’t forget to check out the team behind Kimera Models.

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