Do Not Miss 2016 Week 24


Lucas Pina strikes again with this wonderful bust of a pirate in his very particular style. Soon to open a preorder period… stay tuned and run while stocks last!

Romain never runs out of wonders to present us. It’s amazing the capacity he has to capture expressions on his creations.

Raffaele Picca sculpts and paints this bust now released by Fer Miniatures, and shows us all the secrets of the creation process in this article in Massive Voodoo.

Based on the wonderful series of illustrations from Matt Dixon, sculpted by Igor and painted by Arkaitz, this duo has completely captured the style and feeling of the original.

Delicacy and grace at its best in this new creation from artist Forest Rogers.

Flameon’s style is one of a kind, he is a master of contrast and blending and his tabletop size minis are a wonder. Like this simple but superbly painted spectre from Lord of the Rings.

And while he has new awesome releases for the miniature market, Raffa also paints a lot of miniatures, like this great bust of Sherlock Holmes.

Leonardo Escovar from Miniature Madness presents now some miniatures for Blood Bowl. Released under the brand Willy Miniatures, this one is called Sports Caster. Great for your favourite Fantasy Football boardgame!

A very interesting take by Marina Ainagoz on a miniature from Kingdom Death. This miniature range is very inspiring!

Fantastic an inspiring way of presenting a miniature in this one. There’s still a huge world to explore in showcase miniature presentation!

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