Do Not Miss 2017 Week 30


Incredible painting by David Arroba on this model from Hera Models.

Another remarkable boxart by Kirill for Young Miniatures.

Remy is painting some Games Workshop characters like this Ogroid, and they look amazing.

An article on how Roman achieved this extraordinary version based on Gurmuth by Hera Models.

Thorough tutorial on NMM painting by Johann in the blog Chestnut Ink.

Extraordinary sculptures in this campaign by Cartoon Miniatures, sculpted by Alexandr Kovalev.

Rubén shows us a very easy process to paint weathered Space Marine armour (only in Spanish).

Roman continues to explore orange light effects on this miniature.

Some heroes from Warhammer Quest Hammerhal painted by C’tan.

This a different Oni version by Roman Lappat.

This is the version by Arsies of Deadpool by Knightmodels sculpted by Israel González.

As you already know, apart from being an extraordinary sculptor, Remy likes to paint his boardgames to a very high standard, like Mansion of Madness.

Pictures from the FigureWorld Model Show 2017.

Pictures of the winners at the flagship painting event by Privateer Press.

Pictures in our facebook from all participants at Warcrow 2017, in the IV Interplanetario (Infinity: The Game).

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