Do Not Miss 2017 Week 45


This week of the year is always a very especial one because it’s the week of Monte San Savino! Therefore, instead of selecting the Do Not Miss from around the internet, we want to directly point you to the pictures we took from all the entries at the contest.

Selection of Bests

To start off, as a very (very) brief summary, here are some of the Bests that were picked up by the jury this year:

1Best of Fantasy – Tue Kaae

2Best of Historical – Francesco Terlizzi

3Best of Painting – Kirill Kanaev

4Best of Figure – Patrick Masson

5Best of Show – Danilo Cartacci & Maurizio Bruno

Of course these are just a tiny example of the art seen in the show this weekend.

The amount of entries and the quality of the pieces makes it completely impossible for us to make a reduced selection this week. We are absolutely overwhelmed!

6Want more pictures?

It’s best that you go and check our albums directly on facebook, were we posted live pictures of the show, as many as our sanity could let us:

Volomir says: The real Do Not Miss every year this week is the whole of Monte San Savino. So if you missed it… make sure you don’t next year!

If you think that these are a lot of pictures, just consider that we didn’t capture all of the pieces in the show…

And remember to follow us on facebook for future live coverages of shows like this one!

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