Do Not Miss 2017 Week 7


Kirill’s undestanding of colour, surface and technique is out of this world. What a boxart paintjob on the newest release by Kimera Models.

One of my favourites in Monte San Savino 2016, Max’s creation starts with the concept art made by his girlfried, Cristina Carnino, and from there on Max ‘Amon’ sculpts and paints bringing the very personal artwork to life. Amazing!

Francesco’s version of Abel is a much more dark approach, we can see how a different style can change a mini so much.

A great scratchbuilt portrait of the old Jedi Master in 35mm, sculpted by Joaquín Palacios and painted by Sergio Calvo.

AoS28 is a great initiative to bring the dark and very personal style of John Blanche to the Age of Sigmar. These Aelves are a wonderful band for this initiative. So inspiring!

This conversion idea was very obvious, yet this is the first one I have seen. And it is as superb as the idea promised.

Incredible bust in the usual Romain’s style and quality.

Probably all the Dragyiri sculpts by Patrick will make it to this list every week. We never get tired of them!

This is a wonderful diorama, very creative and inspiring.

What an amazing painting of an ice creature by Sergio Calvo, again for Dark Age.

Something very appropriate for the Valentine’s season.

The Luxumbra Kickstater is breaking records in miniature painting history. This miniature is one of the perks offered by the campaign, both in Inifinty scale and 75mm for showcase painters.

Raffaele has been disconnected this past few weeks but he comes back to show this great work of ambience in this Conan in the snow.

Really cool 60mm ogres sculpted by Valentink Zak.

What a great portrait of Severus Snape for the Knightmodel’s Harry Potter range.

Such a different proposal for a bust painting, we are seeing more and more new ideas in miniature painting lately.

Very cool illumination effect on this bust from Black Crow Miniatures.

The type of diorama making we are in love with.

Mirko Cavalloni paints one of the allegorical characters of a new Kickstarter by Aradia Miniatures.

Sculpted by Jo Heum Yoon in 75mm.

Check out how Oliver based this wonderful miniature from Nocturna Models.

The blog Coloured Dust always bringing us great tutorials for everyone.

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