The return of Latorre Models


What a surprise today to read on Latorre Models facebook that the legendary historical miniatures company is going to resume activity soon.

For those of you who do not know about it, Latorre Models is a miniature company specialized in Historical miniatures, created by master sculptor and painter Raúl García Latorre. The Spanish genius created iconic and legendary miniatures that are now part of our collective memory and among some of the most painted historical miniatures ever.

The return of this company to the market is huge news that makes us really happy. For now we only have this cryptic message on facebook, but we are really excited to see what the company has in store for us.


Even Raul García Latorre, on his personal facebook has announced it:

Translated: After very long time and meditation about this, I have decided to bring Latorre Models back to life. I will share more information about this soon.

We can’t help but remember the great wonders created with miniatures from Latorre Models…

‘Construction’ is Marijn Van Gils take on Latorre Models Highlander. A truly legendary piece.

Excited falls short.

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