Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower announced


There are a few photos circulating the social networks this weekend about the reboot of the Warhammer Quest franchise. You may remember, Warhammer Quest was the last Games Workshop version of Heroquest, the legendary boardgame.

Photos taken from Age of Sigmar facebook groups

Warhammer Quest was set in the Old World of Warhammer, however, with the new Age of Sigmar universe, Games Workshop has brought back the old boardgame and set it up in their new restarted environment.

Photos taken from Age of Sigmar facebook groups
Photos taken from Age of Sigmar facebook groups
Photos taken from Age of Sigmar facebook groups

What is important to us are the quality of the minis, and being as we are great fans of the Warhammer universe, we have to say that the miniatures we see in the photos really look promising. We see stuff from both the old and new universes that should interest both the old schoolers and the new Sigmarite (“Sigmarine”) lovers. We certainly can’t wait to see the whole boxed set unveiled!

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