Announcing ‘Fallen Angel’, a new miniature painting contest in Madrid


Madrid is a city where miniature painters are very lucky. We have some of the most important companies of the industry here, and also some of the most famous miniature painters and professionals. Despite this, there are not as many events and contests as one would expect being such a busy place. Currently the most important event of the Spanish capital is celebrated in Leganés, an event that congregates thousands of people where many modelling disciplines are mixed in the same place (Static Modelling, Figures, Historical, Fantasy, Vehicles…). Apart from Leganés, we miss more activity about the world of figures in particular. And that is why this year we want to host a new event which is the one I present to you today: ‘Fallen Angel‘.


Fallen Angel, first edition

Fallen Angel is going to celebrate its first edition in September this year. It will be organized under the umbrella of the event that is called ‘Freak Wars‘, about games and geek hobbies, with boardgames and wargames as its main interest. It is celebrated in Rivas Vaciamadrid, in Polideportivo Cerro del Telégrafo, on the weekend of September 10-11 (with references even in the national press). In previous years, Freak Wars had its own painting contest, but this year the organization wanted to go one step beyond. Now they have the collaboration of known names of the Fantasy miniaturesphere, and altogether we want to take the contest to a new level.


This first edition of Fallen Angel, which will be celebrated on September 11, we want to make it as a touchdown with the community. We don’t want to be too ambitious, we want to consolidate an interesting contest, controlled, where the main objective is to create an annual event which hopefully will grow to become an event with interest internationally. Therefore, we understand that there is not enough notice for people outside of Spain to come, and that is OK. We will consolidate locally and next year, based on the experience gathered and the feedback from the community, try to make it very appealing for you to come. 😉


As part of the organization, I will participate as jury of the contest, and I will do so next to two great guys, Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee) and David (Basilisk, from ‘The Chromatic Circle’), who have been very much involved in this so that the contest moves forward and also with the name of the competition, which we will explain in detail in a bit.

For now, we count with the collaboration of companies such as FeR Miniatures, Hera Models or Midnight Miniatures, that will provide juicy prizes for the winners:

  • FeR Miniatures products
  • Midnight Miniatures products
  • Hera Models products
  • MIG products and merchandising
  • 80€ in Bandua products
  • Vallejo painting products
  • Aradia Miniatures products
  • Ares Mythologic products
  • Fantastic Courses products
  • Idromele!

Contest bases


Escaping from the current trend, the Master category of the contest will not be in Open format. Therefore, there will only be one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze in each Master category. There will only be one Standard category that will be open to all kind of displays and will be evaluated in Open format (a bit restricted, as there will be one Gold, two Silvers and three Bronzes, if the jury considers it appropriate).

Additional activities

In the event there will be painting demonstrations, company stands, a speed painting contest…


A new contest, very close


Fallen Angel takes its name from the statue dedicated to the evil one that can be found in the Retiro Park in Madrid, one of its kind because of what its dedicated to, and also because its the meeting point of our group of painters, where we torture ourselves with physical training to achieve the incredibly fit bodies we showcase lately. 😛

Basilisk’s award winning super hot body is wearing the official t-shirt of this year’s edition

We hope you like the first edition of this contest because our main objective is to enjoy a great day all together. We would like to encourage you to participate in the contest because we are sure that with your support we will be able to consolidate a great figure modeling and painting event here in Madrid. See you in the ‘Fallen Angel‘!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!



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