Site news: The Events Calendar is back!


I have great news for you today. We are bringing back more important stuff from the old Volomir’s Blog!

A classic from the blog, now refurbished!

A new tab in the menu…

The Events Calendar

The idea behind the calendar is the same as before: a unique repository of event information for all the community to share.

The new design of the calendar is much more powerful than the old listing we had before. Now you will be able to view all miniature related events in different views: monthly calendar, weekly, daily, or just a list of upcoming events. You will even be able to download events to add them to your calendars via .ical (to use in Outlook or Google Calendar for example). I cannot think of anything more useful to plan the upcoming miniature contest season!

The upcoming events in list format.

Try it out here.

I have always wanted to have all the miniature related events in just one place for all the community. What we started with the old blog is now better and improved with this version that we will maintain with the information that you send to us. Please feel free to let us know us of any information that you do not see here by either commenting on our facebook page, here, or sending us an e-mail as usual. And if you like the new Events Calendar please support us in our endeavour and don’t forget to share this with your networks!

The monthly view.

Stay tuned for more on new upcoming features. There’s a lot of great things coming your way!

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