Finally a Golden Demon official page


We have just seen announced, in the Forgeworld facebook page, that there is now a Golden Demon official website, where we will be able to find Golden Demon winners of all time. For now they have the entries of 2013, but they promised these will be joined by others in the future.


This is truly good news for Golden Demon lovers! You may remember that until not so long we only had this website, Demonwinner, which was maintained by the community, and judging by the poor treatment that Games Workshop was giving the contest, it was pretty much abandoned by now.

Does this mean that Games Workshop is going to be giving some more love to their painting community? If you ask me about this website… it was about time!!!

Stay tuned then… to!

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  1. Fantastic news! I have often had to refer to Demonwinner when writing my blog articles, but it seemed strange to me that GW didn’t have a permanent archive of their own event (a few pics of the previous year’s winners on their website a long time ago, but that was about it).

  2. Hmmm… just checked out the website. The pics are a little on the small side, making it hard to really appreciate the level of detail on the minis. Otherwise it’s a sharp looking site.

  3. It’s looking promising… it’s quite simple and for now we only have photos of 2013, but it’s better than what we had before this. Let’s hope they keep up and show us the whole GD history!


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