The Warmasters’ Crusade – Enemies of the Imperium Checkpoint 3


After the defeat of half of the Imperium Warmasters, it’s the turn of the Enemies. What was their fate in such an important moment of the campaign?

Imperium Checkpoint 3

Let’s see:

The situation is even worse than that of the Imperium. Only Mariano/Gryndal and Mitico have managed to comply with their duty to have halt of the work done at this point. The rest join the already fallen Mr. X

Mariano/Gryndal – Orks

Despite having to deal with one of the most complicated tasks of the campaign, the Golded Boys Mariano and Gryndal (old gold, of course) have managed to complete half of their campaign, 1000 points in total (they will do 2000 since they are 2).

They are undoubtedly the most regular team of the entire campaign, painting without rest a large number of Old School pieces to remember (or to forget, as some would rather say …).

Meanwhile, their story continues:

Grandpa Winter was always alone. Well, the truth is that there was no point in approaching him; He was deaf as a wall and talking to him was just a waste of time. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, he climbed into a box and shouted to the winds that he was a great captain, and then he began to give orders as if he were really on an immense tank.

Until the day that Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka came to town. As soon as he saw it up in his box, Ghazghkull approached Grandfather Winter and presented himself before him as the great liberator of the Ork race. And as expected, Grandfather Winter did not hear anything; Ghazghkull had to repeat it 17 times before Grandpa understood what he was saying.

Grandfather Winter got out of the box, approached Ghazghkull and touched his face, squeezed his biceps, admired his weapon … and even then he could get there because Ghazghkull hit him a huge blow that left him unconscious; it seems that Grandpa Winter did not know that Ghazghkull did not like to enter his comfort space. Once recovered, Grandfather Winter told Ghazghkull that he had a gift for him from Morko. Everyone around the couple laughed at such nastiness, but Grandfather Winter ignored them and, turning his back on Ghazghkull, removed his shirt revealing a map tattooed on his back.

Factories, said Grandfather Winter, abandoned factories waiting for us to return. There I have my little one, there you can make armor for your nobles, there you will begin to dominate the universe …

Mitico – Nurgle Death Guard


Mitico is one of those who does not stop painting armies, and it shows. He managed to reach Checkpoint 3 without sweat, while two other armies are probably being painted at the same time and with his head thinking about the new edition of Age of Sigmar. And he even has time to play Shadespire from time to time.

Piti – Eldar

Piti out? Oh no! That was so unexpected… (irony mode off)

He was possibly the Warmaster with the least options to get past Checkpoint 3 so this comes as no surprise. He said we was going to stop procrastinating and start painting…

And so we thought.

Troncho – Chaos Space Marines

Poor Troncho heard bells when Porta raised the flag of motivation for the 40k painting campaign… poor soul… we basically just saw the models taking out of the closet just to return back again in shame.

It will probably be another 10 years until they come out again.

Berek – Tau

Berek has been playing us all along. Just as he did in Age of Sigmar, we expected him to suprise us all in the very last moment, but it hasn’t happened that way. This time Berek did not want to play his final move and prefers to retire benefitting from the huge storm of casualties. That way his demise may go unnoticed…

Checkpoint 3 ends here, and with it the campaigns of a large part of the Warmasters. More than half, between Imperium and Enemies, are now out of the race.

There are few fighters left for the second half of the campaign, and it does not matter whether they swore to protect the Imperium or destroy it. Now the important thing is to get to the end, whatever it may be. Three months of struggle for survival await us… who will make it to the end?

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