The Warmasters’ Crusade – Presentations – Enemies of the Imperium


On the other side of the coin, we have the Warmasters who defend interests different from those of the Emperor.

Xenos, Chaos, all kinds of heretics fit in here. Let’s see what each one is planning for their Crusade!

Gryndal y Mariano – Orks

In a different life Gryndal and Mariano fought for similar interests , one commanding of an army of dispossessed Dwarves, the other selling his Old School soul to the gods of Athel Loren. In the 41st millennium their interests have come even closer and they have decided to join forces to sing about their love for all things Oldhammer (also about their love for each other, of couse). They are two Warmasters for a single list, so they have agreed to paint twice as many points to meet their quota of 1000 each. More antiquities to enjoy! (enjoy… maybe that is saying too much?).

Yes, yes, please tell me again about the story of Ghazghkull – said the jade-skinned prince.

The tutor smiled, showing his huge fangs – I do not know any infant who does not love this story – he answered – Yes, you have been a good ork and I am going to tell you, anew, how he freed us from the yoke of other races and built the Holy Ork Empire, cradle of knowledge and freedoms. But let’s just rest first, as soon as it’s over, we’ll once again immerse ourselves in the magic of Orkrates and its orkratic irony …

“You know, oh prince, that between the years when the Necrons dominated the universe with their resplendent planet cities, and the years of appearance of the Homo Orkoid, there was an age when the great empires occupied wide galactic sectors as the stars occupy a clear night: Taus, always ready to evangelize with his false God of the Supreme Good, Tyranids, cockroaches of insatiable appetite, Squats, with short legs and broad bellies but with a love for battle as great as ours, Eldar, with their quiet sorcerers and their power-filled gems, Chaos Warriors, loyal to the dark gods who blessed them with great mutations, but of all the empires, the most proud was the Imperium. Human Emperor, who reigned in the dormant galaxy with his infinite armies…

And there came Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the liberator, bare headed without a single hair, grim red eyes, combiweapon in right hand, claw in left, thief, assailant, murderer, master of anger, prepared to trample the galactic empires with his boots.

Mr.X – Necrons

Mr.X, as mysterious as he is, was the first to fall in A Tale of 12+1 Warlords. He did not even get to Checkpoint 3! Whether or not it he will be eliminated in this new challenge is a secret (like his identity), but at the moment we only have news of his plans. We will have to follow him closely!

Piti – Eldars

Piti is a legend of the painting world. Not so much for his pictorial ability or his popularity in the community, rather for being the person who coined the verb ‘to pitiate’. According to the Collin’s dictionary, pitiating consists of sitting down to paint, and basically doing anything but painting (switching paint pot places, observing brushes and tools, getting up for something to eat…). After years of continuous pitiating, today Piti is surprising everyone with this list of Eldar that he says will get finished in 6 months. Who believes it? He is actually not so sure himself. We’ll see if he just goes back to pitiating in a few weeks…

Iltanaraz woke up still in pain. After regaining consciousness, he tried to remember what had happened and how he was back among his own. Had he won? Supossely Yes. They had rejected the hosts of The Thirsty. But at what price? Many soul stones had been collected from the battlefield, but many more were still missing. And what was worse, there were some units of which nothing was known. Had they perished? Were they still fighting? Or in the heat of battle had they pursued the enemy troops in their flight, getting lost forever? No. Not at his orders. The autarch climbed on his jet bike, called his escort and requested the support of some vehicles fast and agile enough to follow the motorcycles, but with the firepower necessary to face anything they could find. In this way he left with his 6 most loyal companions on board of many other motorcycles, a vyper and a glorious falcon in search of the missing units. Or his spiritual jewelry.

Now that the army has been introduced, let me introduce myself. What am I doing in a challenge like this when its been eons since I painted anything and finished it, let alone serially? Well it turns out that I had been painting for a while lately, one day I was prepping a mini, the next I was priming, I was painting a few brushstrokes to one of the few projects that I have half way in the showcases or shelves… wihtout any order or objective. I wanted to paint, but I did not. So talking to another one of these nerds, he told me that they were going to start another painting challenge like the AoS one but in 40k and since from this game (I do not remember if I’ve ever actually played it) I have quite some things to paint, It seemed like a good idea to force myself to paint regularly, to see if I remember how this was done.

I chose Eldar because I have a good collection of half-antique minis (metal and plastic) from this army always criticized for the ‘autopaint’ option that some say it includes. For this reason some say Eldar is a “simple” or “affordable” army to paint. The strategy will be to use a lot of airbrush (if I remember how this was done), and some cool edge highlighting that will allow me to meet delivery times with something presentable. And if it have enough time I can always add the details in between chores. Also, the fact of I chose gravitational vehicles means that I can save the bases!

Berek – T’au

Berek is that Warlord that nobody believed completed A Tale of 12+1 Warlords. But yes, he did, and who knows how! (right?). He does not like to miss a good call to draw paint from his paintpots and has decided to paint for the Supreme Good. Will he surprise everyone again by finishing the challenge? At the moment there are many who doubt it…

Mitico – Death Guard

Mitico was another of the great disappointments of the 12+1. He did not finish just by very little! It seems that the Kharadron were too much for him and he ended up paying the wear of the initial hype. But Mitico always has 2 or 3 army projects on the table and he does not want to stop trying, this time with the Death Guard, spreading disease everywhere he roams.

Here we go again, now in 40k, after failing miserably in AoS I decided to redeem myself in this one with an army of Death Guard, the acolytes of Nurgle, for which I feel special affinity. The choice is more fun than AoS, as the Kharadrons disappointed me a bit in the painting, as they were very monotonous.

I’ve also decided to raise my level of painting a bit to be at the level of the titans I’m facing.

This said, I leave you with a picture of my first 500 points, see you at Checkpoint 1!

Troncho – Chaos Space Marines

And closing the list of Warmasters enemies of the Imperium, here we have Troncho, another new addition to the adventure. He could not sign up as a Warlord before but as Warmaster in the 41st millennium, his bet is to paint against the false Emperor with a force of Chaos Space Marines.

I started with miniature addiction with the mythical HeroQuest and Star Crusade, at that time I used to stain minis (literally) with Humbrol paints that my father used for other models, although at that time I liked to play more paint. It had to be 2009 for me to get an army of Chaos WH40K to play with friends. At that time I was still staining (also literally) minis, but this time with Citadel paints paid by me and the result was not that very different. Even so, now the hobby of painting miniatures called me more.

I left the brushes again (fortunately for everyone) until in 2013 I decided to dedicate more time and try to paint something decent, since the addiction was still there. I haven’t improved much, but I have it as a hobby to which I can devote some time whenever I can.

And why have I gotten into this mess? Well, because they have got me in this, basically, and since I have a Chaos army that I resent seeing painted so badly… well, I wanted to see if I can improve it… it can’t be worse than it is now! XD

And with this we close the review of the Enemies of the Imperium and their initial plans. Just as before, we wish all the best of luck (and painting) in their personal Crusades. Do you think they will succeed in this new challenge?

To finish this presentation, we want to remind you that we have opened registrations to join the Warmasters’ Crusade as allies. Whether you are loyal to the Emperor, or wish to take him from his throne, send us an email to with your name and plans , And you will join us in this great challenge! Do not miss the opportunity because we will close registrations in a few days!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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