The Warmasters’ Crusade – Presentations – Imperium


The Warmasters Crusade will separate the contenders in two groups. Today we present, the Imperium!

Defenders of mankind, these are the Warmasters loyal to the Emperor. Prepared to bring justice and cleanse the galaxy with their brushes!

On an important note… would you like to join the challenge and paint a 1,000 point Warhammer 40k with us? Read on, instructions at the very bottom! 

Armando – Black Templars / Custodes / Ministorum / Sisters of Silence

Remember Armando? A true Chaos Warlord from the Tale, he won our hearts (and blood, for the blood God) with his incredible Khorne Bloodbound. But the Mortal Realms are now far away, and his allegiance far above the stars lies now with The Emperor of Mankind.

Here we are again. A new challenge!

As in the previous campaign of Age of Sigmar, in which I could finally have the perfect excuse to paint a complete army of Warhammer (at least the first 1000 pts), and in this way fulfill one of my dreams in the world of modeling, in the 40k universe it was not going to be different. Since I discovered the game Starquest with 9 years, part of my 40k heart is Space Marine, and since the Third Edition box of 40,000 entered my house, Black Templars vs Dark Eldar, I could not resist the charm of the Templars. I really could not say exactly why, but that mixture of traditions, faithful devotees of the emperor, great melee warriors… I love it. For years I have had this project in mind and this is the opportunity to do it.

I am not a player and I do not have much idea which units are better or worse to create a competitive army, so my list is based more on an aesthetic question, than practicality in terms of the game.

I love the background of 40k, from the time of the Heresy to the current 41k millenium, and seeing the great progress that is taking place in the background, Gathering Storm with The Fall of Cadia, The Breaking of Biel-Tan and The Return of the Primarch, and later events with Dark Imperium, I wanted to represent all this in my army of Black Templars. As the main block of the army, I have chosen a Paladin of the Emperor (iconic character of the Templars) and 2 units of Intercessors.

To expand the army with units that could add more variety, the choice was easy. I have always liked the Custodes and the Sisters of Silence very much during the Heresy period. They have that same charm that the Black Templars have for me. Since the Treason of Horus, they remained in Terra as protectors of the Emperor and the Imperial palace … until now. With the return of the Primarch Guilliman, they return to the sea of ​​stars to face the enemies of humanity. I decided to include a unit of Custodes along with Captain General Trajann Valoris and a Vigilators unit of the Sisters of Silence.

To complete the army, formed by the most devoted followers and protectors of the Emperor, the missing character was undoubtedly Celestine, the Saint in life, along with the 2 Geminae Superia, the Sisters Genevie and Eleanor. It is a character that I love, and the figure itself seems beautiful.

All this said … let’s start the campaign. In the previous Age of Sigmar quest, I organized myself from the beginning so that I could reach the end with some margin and be able to finish. Even so, in the end it was complicated and at times I was on the verge of not being able to finish it. In this 40k, the deadlines are well set to meet and finish, but I know that this time I will have much less time to paint and I’m sure I will be very close to the deadlines. Even so, I am very motivated and very eager to start and try to complete the challenge. I think it can be a pretty nice army and, either in the next 6 months (I hope so) or later, this army will grow.

For the Emperor!!

Santi – Custodes

The new kid on the block, Santi wants to demonstrate that his Custodes army is up to the challenge!

For the emperor! Long have I been in the hobby of Warhammer but I’ve always been very restless and impulsive and I’m jumping from one project to another without really finishing any. What better opportunity than this to focus on an army and have it well painted to stand out on the battlefield .

Why the Custodes? Because it is a great army, very cool on the table and that finally has a book of its own and can be deployed as an army in itself. Also, they are the favorite of the emperor (as much as it hurts some chapters out there) who am I to contradict that?

Porta – Dark Angels

Most of you don’t know about Porta, as he is a secretive fellow. His Dark Angels hold the secrets to the Portatips, a beacon of knowledge accessible only to the followers of his Chapter. Lion El’Jonson will be proud!

I’ve been in the miniatures / models world for so long that I do not even remember… all my life. But what I do remember is the first time I saw a Citadel mini, … there in a shop window, in its blister. It was a lead marine. The first one I painted of the Warhamer universe. And it was from the chapter of the Dark Angels.

Many figures have followed it, of many types, sizes and themes. But I have never painted a complete army for myself… it’s time! And this is a good opportunity, a 40k campaign. What will I paint? Return to the origins. DARK ANGELS !!

This list  is made up of marines, of course, but I wanted to put the new vehicle, fast assault troops and heavy support to complement it. I hope it is devastating for my opponents.

Nor – Imperial Knights

Norberto used to be an avatar of Destruction. As a Warlord, his Green horde trampled the Realms harvesting havoc everywhere they roamed. But times have changed in the grim darkness of the distant future, Nor embraced the mercy of The Emperor of Mankind. As a true servant of the Machine-God, Norberto is embarked in the noblest of causes…

Oops, here I am again. After the experience of the AOS campaign, the truth is that I did not really want to repeat. It is a fact that serial painting is not big in me: I get exceedingly bored and bored. But here we are!

Taking advantage of a commitment acquired some time ago that included the painting of an Imperial Knights’ Spear, there we go…

Of course, nothing similar to the size or number of pieces as the last time, but surely you will seldom see an army like this on the table.

It must be a nightmare to face something like that and surely it is a spectacle to see how it defeats the enemies of the Imperium.

For the Emperor!!!

Volomir – Korps of Krieg / Astartes

One of the dissapointments of the Tale, Volomir’s Aelves did not make it to the other side. But the 41st millenium holds hope for him, and he has been appointed Supreme Marshal of the Death Korps of Krieg. He keeps quite busy in charge of a Korps detachment stationed in the Vraks system, defending its borders from a plethora of enemies who seek to breach an entry into The Emperor’s domain. For decades trenched and fortified from the enemy, Krieg’s garrison still holds the line. But the unending conflict is starting to take a toll and the Marshall demands reinforcements with great urgency… the lives of his men and the glory of The Emperor are at stake!

Supreme Lords of Terra, wielders of the Hammer of the Emperor:

I am the Supreme High Marshal of the Death Korps of Krieg. I come to you today with great shame, but it is my duty to update you on the status of our defence of the Vraks system.

For years now we have endured this everlasting war. We, the bringers of Death, will happily embrace the end, so be the Emperor’s will. But we will not die here just to see our Crusade unfinished. We will not rest until the enemies of the Imperium are purged from the Vraks system!

To this effect, we request that your merciful highnesses understand that we cannot continue like this for much long. In this forsaken system, we are running out of provisions, our numbers are starting to grow thin and many moons have passed since we last received reinforcements.

I pray to the Emperor that this astropathic communication arrives safely and undetected past enemy lines.

For the Emperor!

Letter to the High Council of the Astra Militarum in Terra – from the Supreme High Marshal of the D.K. of Krieg, stationed in the Vraks System

Winterland – Space Wolves

From the lands of the North, here comes a new challenger! Winterland is an avid painter who could not join the Warlords in the Tale. But now in the 41k millenium the time is right, and Winter is coming! (obviously).

Ever since I started in this miniatures I wanted to have an army of 40,000 Space Wolves. I am not much fond of the futuristic fantasy, but that barbarian essence with Nordic touches that impregnates the planet Fernis of the Space Wolves attracts me, since the Vikings are one of my favorite subjects. Vanilla Marines do not attract me very much.

I hope to be able to match the great rivals that I will have in this campaign.  I will paint classic figures of the army adding some of the new units of primaris.

Phobos – Space Wolves

So merciful was the Lord of Change, that despite his utter and complete disgrace of a Tale, he accepted Phobos’ defeat, and with great forgiveness left him in the far future to join the ranks of those loyal to the Emperor. Now you will be able to see him commanding a force of Space Wolves!

Recently I saw an image of an explorer of the Space Wolves that I loved, from there and with the idea in my head to paint the miniatures that I have in the wardrobe of shame, I started to investigate a little more in depth in which company I could fit some stealthy explorers within an army as wild as the Wolves. I was struck by the “Lokyar’s Stalkers” of Harald’s company: explorers who also use stealth as a tool with in which my modifications would be justified. I discovered that the Lord Wolf that I had in the Finecast box collecting dust was precisely Harald Deathwolf and that the unit that I like most about the Wolves, the thunder wolf cavalry, would fit perfectly as “Soul Guardians”.

To complete this mini list of the company, which one day I would like to finalize, I have included its champion, Canis Wolfborn and a venerable dreadnought. That gives me a theme list around the most charismatic army of the 40k.

Javi – Blood Angels

Javi the Smith was a follower of the Dark Powers in the Tale. He was diagnosed with premature ejaculation… I mean… premature paintbrush, and basically painted everything before the first Checkpoint. We pretty much never heard from him again, until now. In the grim darkness of the far future, Javi embraces his true nature and joins the ranks of the Children of Sanguinius.

Hi everyone!

Here we are again!! After the good time we had with the AoS campaign, it was obvious that 40k was also a great plan!

I’m going to paint and ‘convert’ an army of Blood Angels. The conversion will consist mostly of rescaling all units and characters to primaris size, so that everything is more homogeneous. The Primaris and Stormcast are going to be the base of the army, we’ll see how.

In the previous campaign I wanted to paint a lot and fast… And I ended up painting little and badly, (a disaster). This time I will give more love to the minis and I will limit myself to the 1,000 established points.

For this project I have much less time, and it will be a challenge to be able to meet the deadlines, so we’ll see how I get to it … and how hard it is without being eliminated!!


Best of luck (and brush) to those loyal to the Emperor. Will they live up to the challenge?

In the meantime, we’ve received quite a lot of requests to join us in the Warmasters’ Crusade. We are so happy and proud! We are thinking of how to proceed with this and we are working on the format for all of you who will follow us, so that we can share your progress with everyone in the site. In the meantime we want to know exactly how many of you will be joining the cause, may it be fighting for the Imperium or against it. If you want in, send us an e-mail to with your name and plans and you will become a Crusader with us! It’s you chance to join, don’t give it too much thought!

And now, coming up, the Enemies of the Imperium!

Miniature painter, sculptor and huge enthusiast, established 2005. Very passionate about community, events and conventions, has won plenty awards in contests worldwide. Miniature art devotee, engineer, contest judge and teacher, focused on spreading the word of what we do in the miniature world!


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